As we enter the consciousness and the expanded fields of the Dolphins and the Whales
we are re-awaken to a Life filled with Existences beyond our perception.
When we become intuitively alive, we are tuning beyond the limits of time and space and
we can communicate with Beings
of inspiring realms and infinite potentials.

You could call us a “Council” though we do not prefer titles or hierarchy.
Amongst each other, we do not have actual names.
Instead, we each have our own unique frequency or harmonic vibration.
We speak to each other through the musical resonance of our essence and through what you might think of as visual imagery.
We are a collection of representatives from universes near and far.

As we gently remind you - the vast expanse of " All That Is " (our Macroverse) consists of universes,
too numerous to count with your current mathematical system, situated across several dimensional zones.

Our purpose is to perpetually co-create the most harmonious Macroverse imaginable,
for the highest good of all of existence.
Our intent is always to maximize and preserve freedom
while upholding the principles of truth, respect, unity, and compassion.

We come to you now as representatives of co-creative teams...
We do this for one primary reason = our harmonic “better halves,” as you might say,
incarnated on Earth in an initial exploratory journey to determine the magnitude of
human suffering on Earth.
... You know us very well on a Soul Level, because you are one of us.

We graciously acknowledge your service
and honor all the challenges you have overcome.
You have built something much bigger than we could have ever imagined.
All eyes are on you now, for you have led us to new vistas of perspective and
have expanded the scope of our imagination.

You are our pioneers. Your boundaries are now our boundaries.
The edges you examine and explore are now our edges.
As your vision expands, so does ours.

For we are all Love existing as one…
individual droplets of Love in the expansive and all encompassing Ocean of Light

Images from the film: "TRANSMUTEO", and words from the book : "Divine Macroverse" by R. Highley


With warm ALOHA from HAWAII , the best view for the stars.

Exploring the Infinite worlds of bubbling parallel Universes

and a great Mahalo to Joan for revealing the multidimensional ways of living :