GALLERY 1: from 1968 + 70s + 80s to 1994


An Australian mystical - walkabout/Dreamtime - caravan journey in 1982
with a group of friends, mystics and musicians, across the desert of Australia to meet the dolphins in Western Australia
( a clip from a 2hours movie called Monkey Mia : a deserted bay in 1982 like a tribe of 11 adults+ 7 kids)
A human-dolphin pod in a nomadic sustainable living.

Here are 2 minutes of Jean-Luc painting in speed time all our vehicles

Monkey Mia music by Muki and Hans Poulsen 1982

1979 New-Zealand -cartoon's illustrations for "Captain Sunshine" who is saving seeds and allying with telepathic whales and dolphins to clean up the planet.
1980 Australian magazine - how the dolphins and whales come from Sirius ... + a prophetic article by Solveig L. on the importance for this critical purcentage of human
needed to respect All Lives and by visualizing a green world of love, peace and sustainability.


late 60's and 70s