2008 in Tahiti." I was mesmerized by the huge mother whale standing vertical, her nose ten feet from the surface...
what was she thinking? If I stop thinking the communication will happen!
Suddenly her baby appeared behind me... was he going to lift me out of the water... but playfully he moved by without touching me."

Beyond Time & Space is Infinite, there - are infinite possibilities,
and so eventually it bounds to happen: to meet other replicat of us - in this quantum infinite Dimension - one or many of us with an expanded consciousness
who telepathically talks to the whales , the dragons or the Sasquatch.... who also can access multiple dimensions
Within each moment we have a thought or an impossible dream, we also can move into them.
Could it be because...
In the tapestry of our life-time, our tracks have cracks or windows of opportunities. Like flipping the tv channels,
from one world to another, we can time-warp into the next octaves of frequencies...
And with the simple tool of our imagination, the simple " what if "... we are up into a different and
within the vast parallel universes of higher intelligences.

2008 in Bolivia and Peru.

In our South American journey, we went through few archeological sites of the so called Tiahuanaco or Mayan civilization. At Lake Titicaca, it reminded me some aspects of my artistic visions. While before, I was mainly looking underwater for what could be reflecting the source of my inspiration, these ancient, mind-boggling Andean architectures dawned on me memories of advanced civilizations in harmony with nature and the vast cosmic Universe.

These ancient varnished people had a refined agricultural sustainable living enhanced by a mystical architecture. With constructions that were very vibrational and finely attuned to the geometries of the Stars.
It appears that their awareness of the geometry/energy of the Earth's topography, with the energetic patterns of the planets and constellations, guided them to built unusual structures that activated growth by igniting cellular nourishment : Meaning that all is Energy and it creates or transforms matter.



Their Art of Activation evolved within their mystical and physical life into such potency that they could accelerate their fields of production as well as energetic field of consciousness towards higher octaves of frequency. Therefore they could have been able to transcend or shift to the next dimensions of reality.
I feel they may well be still be present , co-existing in another parallel world. Similar to what I previously illustrated it in the movie "Transmuteo"
( a mystical art-film overlapping colors and shapes to amplify or generate vibrations in resonance with the healing heart mandalas. And to further enter synergetic fields by exciting or resonating a kind of space-time capsule.)

Such a shift was made possible with a common vision, free of stress. With a collective consciousness of great enthusiasm, they stepped into the high frequencies of a fifth density .


Now, this leads me to wonder how much my imagination may rather be, a form of communication guided by or influenced by hypnotic/intuitive flows of energetic-data. Holographic information that would telepathically (conscious or not) ... allow me to be co-working with Beings resonating with similar intentions; that is "living in harmony with our mighty Universe".

Most of these builders have left before the Conquistadors arrived. Attuned to the cycles of the constellations, these Alchemists had evolve to transmute gravity and matter, into the Golden Light of the mystical Eldorado - a world beyond solid gold. This may have led them into a Solar Activation and the return Home across Sun-star-gates like entering the eyes of cyclones, the singular space-time-zero-points and on toward the central Sun of our Galaxy; our journey to Oneness.



My feelings is that they were part to the legendary Lemuria, who transcended to higher realms while some remained caught into the illusions of separation or "free choice" of light and dark experiences. There were started the dramas and tribulations of the Altlantians and finally the Egyptians and Incas.
Of course the ancient pre-history was more complex but non the less subjected to the high and the low cycles of the Mayan Calendar-Cosmology .
This is where our solar system is ellipting around our Milky Way Galaxy, thus alternating the density of our frequencies from heavy ( dark ages of fear ) to the light and more enthusiastic civilizations ( using time-travel to experience multiple reality of creation ) .

Next preview of life's coming attraction of Divine Creation will be when our two galaxies will collide. And as above so below, particles will blast us to the ultimate inner show experience!



Cuzco - Machupicchu - Winaymarka - Ollantay - Isla de la Luna - the three aspects - Isla del Sol - Tiahuanaco - Puma Punku - Ollantaytambo
- the three dimensional Chakana -


"High in the Andes mountains. When I touched the stones, I remember these stones as antennas, granit-crystal receivers gathering energies to activate the gardens, the cells and the mystic of our consciousness, energizing our water, our secret gardens, sacred, gorgeous and temporal vessels. After some fine tuning in our intentions and harmonics... ... to continue our infinite journey within the vastness of our Spirit. I remember - this feeling of being a starseed navigating on a timeship planet among Infinity. Becoming a bridge of cosmic memories and galatic light between Earth-Sea-Sky, each of us holding the mana of transmutation like dragons, part bird, part lion and part serpent. Each vertebrae, each and one of a magic spine - spiraling - and unfolding within the cosmic looms knitting, weaving, flowing our ways and creating ever-ending dimensional worlds. Apprentices and masters of the Elements - do we remember we are holding the joy of participating, anchoring Creation in time & beyond time, in our most humble and grandiose ways. We are the many rivers of One Source." ~JL


The Mo'o of Hawaii