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Within our "star-nature" are our tools of Transmutation = Love focuses, balances and transforms our field of energies into wings - our trans-dimensional magnetic / electric "vessels"
"Always fascinated to experience the mystery of " INFINITY " ; the ultimate Source of a not far-distant world... an "here/now" realm and perception.. 
- Simply listening to the" MUSE " :  our pure Feminine aspect, Mirrors of our Gratitude, the INTUITION and Co-creation. The Sacred Yin Beyond cultures and genders - We are naturally linked with our innate nurturing innovative..

Deep within.. are memories of "our real life"… a timeless beauty before birth & after death.. beyond the veils of the restricted physical duality… Access this simply by Living in Harmony with NATURE. “ JL

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Magnetic Portals... new energy for a new Earth.

Magnetic Portals
Woven into the Earth’s matrix… in conjunction with and from the Great Central sun or Galactic Center. Via timeless magnetic fields … speeding up vibrations of significant new creation codes,
for an activation is entering the Earth through special portals, bursting with new energy for a new Earth.… amplifying but clearing away ancient fears… and Revealing Galactic and Planetary DNA records.

Allowing this new world that you are helping to create in linear time, that is already vibrantly flourishing in the continuum.
Simply use the universal law of attraction to your benefit, by changing negative thoughts to positive.
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Simply by BEing the souls you are, you radiate light here and out into the world. A year of 20/20 vision… the double 2 of partnership with other.. and with the Divinity within you.

Our Galactic Seed Connection

Seed Connection
You have Seeds of Light: energy pieces that you brought from “Home”...a vastness very difficult to define, because it doesn’t fit into your reality here.
However, the more that you can bring in, the easier and more exciting the next stage of life will be. Start building with your heart, step forward into the creative energy of love and compassion, and anchor it. In this multi-verse, you’re never alone.
As you give from your peace, you feel Joy running through your being… it makes your inner reality more "real" than your outer one.
In your inner world, you can create any experience and more importantly, any feeling you wish. Go within. Create worlds and mostly create feelings… you will no longer be at the mercy of your outer world.
Even in the midst of a very divisive planet, many have found greater unity within and therefore a greater ability to live and let live. A more organic way of being . Simply more authentic.

Your time-space reality is at a tipping point, as more of you understand who you really are and why you are really here - that your joy is not dependent upon the change in behavior of anyone else.
Yes there's been constant evolution, but it's bigger right-here-right-now, because so many of you are for the first time intending to be deliberate creators.
By managing your own vibrational frequency, you're putting together a relationship with who you really are. Being able to receive the Infinite World THAT IS.
The vortex created lifetimes ago, all the thoughts you had about health, peace and love are finally brought into this physical time-space reality.
It doesn't matter what activity “they" are involved in, it only matters that you are within the influence of Source, your divine inner being…practicing at Being Happy now.
Express your understanding.. that we are all eternal beings. - Enjoying your life in this moment, is what it's all about.
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A Cosmic Smile - our Higher Perspective

cosmic smile
A Cosmic Smile - our Higher Perspective. You are all, indivisible divinity divided. To transcend, you include (all aspects), it is the nature of change.
First in the silence within.. with a depth that can only be found in the "Infinite Within". You are now reuniting those parts of yourself which had separated, in order to play this game of pretending to be human.
Now from the Andromeda Galactic Council :" New Cosmic Energy Waves washing over planet Earth.. are Positive, Unsettling, Disruptive, Healing.. Transmutation, Clearing, Transformation.
These changes are felt more deeply by earth people, because the depth of 3d fear-based programming over millennia is so widespread and pervasive..
as compared to other planets with sentient-intelligent lives far more evolved.." (but we're getting there fast)
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Viewing the World... from our Omniscient “Presence”

Traversing this Energy Field of Transmutation is not easy. This Shift of Consciousness is a major turning point for humanity into becoming less human and more Galactic.
Viewing the World... from our Omniscient “Presence”. This comes with a letting go of our past, grief, anger and regrets... creating space for our full 3D and 5D integration.
The point and purpose to life upon the earth is to grow past the illusion that you are separate from the Infinite Divine Source and one another.
To focus on beauty and peace helps the planet and everyone, more than we can imagine. As “All That Is” is about Creation. You choose.. by "thinking beyond the box".
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Out-picturing of the Collective inner world.. of Human Hearts.

As we focus within, our feelings are very real. Internally, we are in our consciousness, experiencing an alternate reality.
Experiencing your inner reality as deeply as you can, will turn fantasy into outer reality.. Everything is real in some dimension, in the infinite matrix of possibility.
Everything is an out-picturing of the collective inner world of human hearts. Mother Earth processes your unprocessed feelings by releasing energy in the form of chaos or peace.
She is a mirror for the collective state of human hearts, so create peace in your hearts by intent.

Light can be directed but never destroyed - Love is infinite. Not for even one instant it is disconnected from the total sensations of all souls,
regardless of their spiritual evolvement, status and free will choices, even within the animal and plant kingdoms.
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Code-Ships & Travel Plans for the Soul

Code-Ships & Travel Plans for the Soul - Perspective, Storms, & Sunshine….
Now observe the Time Lines, the fast Space-Time.. however Slow Down the Tempo of your Life... to allow the rising Higher Consciousness Codes..
to allow your cells and DNA to resonate with Natural Time.

You are in a Dimensional Transit. From one mode of being and into entering a lighter one. ( from the artificial / linear time to the Galactic Spirals of Harmony timefield )
Take a walk in Nature. It’s only Energy.. and Stare off into Space … You’re not Alone.
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To Always Go For Peace & Beauty First

What seems separation is an opportunity for you to grow and create a new wholeness* -
If you look anywhere on planet Earth for beauty, you will find it. Finding places to love will change your world. Division is not your natural state. You had to learn to be a human.
Simply focus on those things that light-up your heart. It’s too easy to get stuck in negative energy, so take conscious breaks into your loving spirit.
Keep in mind that what you focus on grows during these times. Your frequency determines the dimensions in which you exist.

All life forms throughout this universe are inseparably, eternally connected, and every soul has limitless capacity to manifest whatever it imagines.
Gaia beseeched light beings from other civilizations to assist… like you, to help her people become aware of their innate power to effect change. Visualizing “good things”
You're here for the pleasure of creating. The notion of you being "inadequate" makes no sense when you realize you are one with the love that gives rise to universes.
Can the wave "fail" the ocean? - no as the wave knows it IS one with the ocean.

As you resonate, you create. This gives greater access.. to the vast, subtle, invisible engine-field that builds worlds.
To transcend duality, is to integrate the opposites within you.. * What seems separation is an opportunity for you to grow and create a new wholeness.*
Your neutrality is your bridge. Use your heart to shift and you will receive the support from your infinite wellspring of Love.
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Vision For The Future 2020

Vision 2020
With the smallest act of appreciation, the slightest acknowledgment of goodness in your world or your life…
You are always in charge of how strong a "signal" you send out. You are one with the power that creates universes. It is in your deep silence that I can easily make my presence known.
Through the energy generated by your heart and your words, you are sending signals out to the universe and awaiting the honest echo in return. Positive, loving, confident, expectant, grateful emanations are the strongest.
“Who are you” it cannot be explained, you are derivatives from the Central Source.. You cannot even imagine or fathom where you are from, and that is the part of you that wants to connect with you and is the part you are looking for.
This part of you on the other side of the veil. You have awakened to the possibility that there is more to you than meets the eye.” But first must come a cleansing of all that remains of the old so that the new can come fully into being.

So many are now for the first time intending to be deliberate creators. it’s about managing your own vibrational frequency - this relationship between you and who you really are. It’s like you've lived thousands of lifetimes all in readiness for this.
Realization is the name of the Game. Pitch yourself in that vibration so that you can realize the perfection of it. Being able to receive the world via the Art of Allowing..
Revel in your knowledge about what is non-physical. Express your understanding that we are all eternal beings.
Feel eagerness for the adventure that you are embarking upon with anticipation.
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The Peace Amidst Life's Storms   &    Infinite Futures

Infinite Futures
"There are an infinite number of possible futures. We see your probable future simply by reading your energy field.
You can change everything… with each choice, thought, and action… you either stay on the same path or change course, for these define your vibration,
and Your Vibration Defines Your Future.
Listen to your heart, rather than hatred, support love.. and the more the vibration of peace will prevail. Now you are rapidly purging old fears, so focus on anything you love, on things you have to be grateful for…

The more you become a contribution to the world,the more you tip the balance in the mass consciousness towards the light.You can rewire your brains. "
..and generate Harmony on Earth.
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The Time-Capsules of our Multidimensionality

The Time-Capsules of our Multidimensionality are coming through the veil. From Infinity, beyond our Time&Space adventures, spiritual decisions were made eons ago.
Something is very different with the solar system, and as we are moving into a new kind of space in the galaxy, these frequencies change are revealing new paradigms of consciousness.
These are the times, the time-capsules are opening and they are flooding the crystalline grid with potentials, inventions and realities that you haven't seen yet.
Effecting the Sun and re-awakening signals and codes in human DNA. Old Souls are picking it up first, as they feel beyond the veil of duality, holding inner-peace in the turmoil around.
The legacy has been planted for a benevolent physic that wants Harmony for the new earth, and energies that don't want to harmonize are getting crazy.

The period of readjustment may be tough in a world that has only used 3d for eons, but human is a multi-dimensional creature… proceeding on our intuitive ability and spirit.
And when cellular structures start to vibrate higher… old diseased energies cannot attach itself to higher vibrating patterns.
There are other timelines that exist right next to yours.. Multiple dimensions cross each other from time to time… it is rare.. but it is about to re-happen soon.
This harmonic-merge brings the opportunity to reset the energetic balance of your game.

The thoughts and feelings of all life forms on the planet comprise the collective consciousness, and the power of this ever-changing energy mass “steers” all activity in the energy field of potential.
Whatever happens anywhere affects everything else everywhere else. Here and now, your light has been paving the way to ending darkness on Earth.
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Soul Embodiment... You are the Shift in Human Form

Soul Embodiment
Relax and allow.. You are the Shift in Human Form. This is what you came to experience. - Crystalline Light Codes: activating the original DNA template for the Divine Human:
a balanced Feminine & Masculine: this germination of a new seed, creates the space for the Soul to fully descend into the body, and complete this phase of the ascension of consciousness.

Not an easy process, for it involved deep healing and releasing of all old patterns of thought and belief that were not congruent with the frequency of the Soul.
You came to Earth to create and experience as a Soul and a Being of Infinite Light and Energy.
Two versions of Earth that co-exist, the lower dimensional Alternate Earth and the Multi-dimensional New Earth.
Observe beyond the physical. The subtle realm is the 99% invisible engine that builds worlds. Fear is a separative energy, Love is a connective energy. Love magnetizes rather than overpowers.
Relax and allow.. You are the Shift in Human Form. This is what you came to experience.
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Cosmic Influx and Cellular Transmutation

Cellular Influx
Incredible opportunities present themselves through sun cycles, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, planetary alignments, galactic solar waves, plasma, solar winds,
photonic light-streams, magnetic fields, sonic impulses and more…
With these cosmic events, come opportunity for tremendous influxes of Light on Earth..
Opening portals.. of high frequencies of a fifth dimensional crystalline solar light.. to restore the fragmented connections within our 12 or original strands of DNA.
It is through your intent that you turn on Light. Darkness does not have an energy of its own, it must have an absence of light for it to win.
Stop battling the dark and turn on your light because that is the only thing that’s going to work.
You're going to change your physicalness / cellular structure with consciousness. With your heart and inner peace, you are raising the vibration of your DNA... causing a better efficiency.
Diseases look for lower vibration like negativity or fear and if you're gonna stay in fear it's almost like you're opening the door.
As you start to ascend you're taking your cellular structure to a higher vibration. You walk around with a multi-dimensional field that generates light - to make new choices.

The energies of July are about your Infinite Mind. A connected mind, that neutralizes fear into new potentials and love into amplification.
Your heart is your instrument of infinity… out of the linear loop of physical survival.. The unformed, the subtle, the invisible information that connects the points/particles of time-space.
Releasing the dominance of fear as Love’s grace, lights up the path to evolution... exposing the hidden and illuminating our True Nature through space-time.
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Many leaves.. One tree - One forest - One planet

One Tree
When a gravitational wave hits.. it is compressing and expanding time-space.. The physical body is losing density and your spirit is gaining "light". You are at the very early stages of this transition of a new earth.
This awakening within the heart center of every person.. is also affecting humanity's behavior patterns. Conflicts with the oneness of all life are pushed to the surface,to be healed and transmuted back into light... All are frequencies of waves.
So every time you experience some sort of tragedy or what you perceive to be negative, Beauty also emerges and heroes show up.. as humans can emerge in new ways. Do that from your "subtle spirit-self " first, that’s the most fascinating part.

Depending on our frame of mind daily and hourly, we are either adding to the light of the world or we are adding to the pain and suffering. When the reality that we are One, resonates in every person's heart,
we will realize also that every thought, feeling, word, or action in love and reverence for all life will bless every part of life and greatly enhance the love and harmony in our own life. We are not the victims of circumstance, we are the co-creators of our lives.
When masculine energy and feminine energy, both with strong qualities, are in balance, they complement each other and produce the high vibrations enabling civilizations to evolve.
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Unraveling our True Self with "The Alliance”

Unraveling our True Self with "The Alliance” - "There have been many worlds before yours that have passed. You, that is your soul, has been involved in other places, other planets and other constellations - All deep memories in your DNA.
And Galactic Beings who watch over you like parents, who would watch a child that has total, completely free choice without any awareness of their parents.
Through the pineal, starts seeping a communication with your cellular structure, to realize you're not alone, that there's help, and universal benevolence.. just beyond the veil of your linear old programmings.
Inner-Peace and Kindness is a spiritual awakening that will pull the veil up… so it's gonna be on your terms, your choice - it is a puzzle for you to figure out.. with the letting go of all judgments. To purge these fears of separation.

Take the power that's yours, in benevolence, in courtesy, and in integrity. You are awakening to the wisdom, maturity and your timeless mastery of silence, wise beyond words… You just have to agree to learn more about what is there, inside you.
As well as your parent’s genes, your Akashic inheritance flowing in your cells.. You have control over your own cellular structure and health.. and it wants to hear from you…
Look at how All this comes together to nurture your energy and to create a pristine New Earth. Everything that you've gone through had a purpose. Now you're done going to school and you're done surviving.
There is a part of you on the other side of the veil that is coordinating with others for synchronicity, for co-creation, and for your Intent.”
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Behind the Face

Behind the Face
The strong cosmic waves entering Earth are also opening new potentials. It changes the environment it passes through. We have been preparing for this,
in our current and many lifetimes. It's an opportunity to come back together in the original form before we took on such density.

Calling our original self back together through our heart connections. As you are a soul having a personal lifetime… every soul is eternal and multidimensional and its Beginnings are the pure love-light energy.
Karma is not reward or punishment - it is Opportunity for all who are sharing the lifetime to help each other to advance. This universe has vast pools of energy, like clay awaiting potters to give some of it forms.. Your thoughts and feelings are forms with intention.
It matters not what you call the Supreme Being of this universe, there is no separation of souls from this "Being" or one from another.. Fullness.. in this realm of Oneness of All That Is.
The Sun's activity changes the magnetic grid in a way where humanity is able to develop DNA… so we can do things with our consciousness and wisdom that we couldn't do before.
There is already a template for this advanced reality, and you lived it eons ago. This Akashic pattern exists within you, fast tracking the evolution that you are going through now.
You've been there before! Old soul, what you remember is of advanced civilizations.
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The Space Beyond any Beliefs

Holding the space of surrender, beyond any beliefs.Into Being and Becoming.. into allowing to reach our higher truth...into our invisible magnetism that compels new creation...
this merely awaits resonance... and eases the coming Shift.
Allowing universal laws to integrate into your physicality. Where the spiral of Life ascends.Being is a state of openness.. an openness to the eternal movement.As change increases it’s pace,
focusing on our inner realm and gratefulness.. this magnetizes new potentials.

Many Civilizations replicate... until we see the opportunity from the heart.. the Harmonics. And see Challenges as opportunities to be or act from our higher Truth. It is shifting our mindset.
"The Complete You" resides in Infinity - Beyond beliefs, beyond human mind. - All is connected.
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Notre-Dame-Transfiguration and the Re-Balancing of Energies.

Notre Dame
Notre-Dame-Transfiguration and the Re-balancing of Energies. The "Fleur-de-Lys" originally reflected the Sacred Trinity of the inner teachings of "the Divine Mother~Father~Child."
An intense process is bursting out of the oppressive bonds of abusive patriarchal hierarchy, and is cleaning all the traumas in the DNA.
With Galactic influx of Light that bathes now the Earth, it is accelerating a Cosmic Alchemy, we are activating the multi-dimensional crystalline solar light-codes into our cells…for the creation of the New Earth.

For the Earth was and is designed to be the Center of a major InterstellarPortal.. with the Flower of Life geometry as it’s signature.
We step into this new reality by maintaining and developing Inner-Peace.. with the ability to be in our Heart Center of compassion, love and creativity.
And reconnecting with our Galactic Consciousness via the gifts of Equal Avatars like Mary-Magdalene & Christ.
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in Transfiguration to Oneness

Earth and Humanity are in Transfiguration towards Oneness! Our cellular origins are of Light Geometries... while having a temporal excursion in the physical.. 
slowly awakening to our first forgotten intent of seeding harmony and love.  
Deliberately staying focused in Reverence for ALL Life, paves the way for the monumental shift in energy, vibration and a consciousness destined to take place within our Earthly Bodies at a cellular level. 
Changes are what allows Spirit to expand into a greater awareness of our True-Nature. As we look into the mirrors of Nature's creation, we gain a greater awarenessof the true Self within.
Neutralize your polarization in order to expand your freedom. Observe what your energy field is broadcasting. Life is relaying your resonance back to you so.. Bless Your Future!
Change is inevitable. Love is the Constant.No matter what the outside world does... choose your joy.
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Envisioning & Anchoring Harmony

Envisioning & Anchoring Harmony : Every time you see something out of balance… envision how it would work if the paradigm were set differently.
Identify it as a problem, but release the immediate need to correct it. Then take that harmony into your heart, and over a very short period of time it will start changing.
You Anchor it in your heart, by simply setting the intention for it to be harmonized.( Because the paradigm for masculine energy is completely outdated )
But you came in to be triggered at these very critical times, to be here at exactly these moments… To Make space for the feminine
by balancing, creating and empowering a new male paradigm.And releasing unique potentials.
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The Equalization ~ A Time for Love

"Sometimes you have to wait for the energy to equalize before the universe brings it to you. During these changes there has been more fear experienced on the planet than love. That has an opportunity to change -
Wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, political beliefs or financial status, that is your individual player piece that you are moving around your evolving game board.. and changing it.
Because all of humanity has been moving into the fear of uncertainty, the love has been pushed out of the way.
An opening has happened and it’s beginning to equalize.. it’s the imbalance that now has a chance to change…
a wave of love is taking place now… and how it will help improve the situations on planet Earth is entirely up to you. And that is the equalization opening now.

FALL IN LOVE even just for a moment… it is as simple as experiencing the beauty of a flower… Give it a space to grow and move.. this is more important than the future. This Equalization opens
the door to experience inter-dimensional time space.. so Keep following your heart."
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Gardeners of the Heart - Time for Mastery

Gardeners of the Heart
We are the Gardeners of the Heart in a Time for Mastery, that is.. following the heart will shift the outcome of our world.
Thinking in spiral thought is focusing in a different way, from the heart, DNA-cells, our akash.. Over all of your lifetimes.. remembering all those multidimensionality pieces as One.
Mastering everything that you can.. for a New Harmony with Earth. Experiencing this massive change.. so is the Earth, and you’re a part of Her.. in the midst of another solar cycle as new particles arriving now.
You have no influence over the Earth in a physical form, but you do with her heart, when you love the Earth you can heal the planet / yourself, because you re-member in your heart.
It doesn’t have to ring true in your brain, ears or eyes, but in your heart it always will.
In separation, step up beyond your linear thoughts because now you can master in that instant. To love, to treat each other with respect, as you walk through this new game.
Planting the seeds of a vibration that carries a new multi-dimensional reality.
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Expect the Unexpected & Imagine Something Wonderful

Your biology-cells-DNA has a wisdom that is beyond Human logic, and it isn’t created in the brain. A multidimensional and quantum field containing not only the wisdom of your planet, but of the cosmos itself.
The DNA is "the memory of everything”: your Akash... what you have accomplished life after life in the history of the galaxy.
People with "extended" compassion who love Earth are beginning to see all the "oneness with everything" and it is changing humanity by the way we think.
There is a coherence between your bio., your consciousness and all that is! Understanding the "oneness" of things: this is the major part of the evolution.
The emotion and love you feel for Nature (Gaia) is the wisest partner you could ever have, it knows humanity and this "Unbridled wisdom" is a wisdom that wants to be quiet and simply ponder the beauty of All that Is
- satisfied with that, until greater knowledge is unveiled. What you can do collectively for this planet, even in your stillness is amazing. It redefines wisdom as you know it.

Can you even begin to get in touch with what we have called your cellular structure? Being a pioneer into illusion, an adventurer into the unknown, and a lifter of veils...
Already your life has changed the course of history. The entire world will be a richer place, once you bring beauty and spread your wings. - We help - You pick your dreams".
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Ascension and the Event

Our Stillness during Storms is the Event of our multidimensional Ascension into new vistas.
Our Gratitude, compassion, kindness and forgiveness are the transformative energies; let it flow in unique ways to create this New Earth of new paradigms.
Now a lot of throat chakra and heart chakra readjustment are taking place.Our evolution is in our conscious interaction with invisible subtle connections and it is our Light-bridge ( love ) that nurtures new choices and new potentials.
As we amplify our Love, we are also shifting the vibrational information in the vast subtle Field that builds this world.
Our higher vibrations will unveil our true history, as well as technologies to rejuvenate Nature... and reactivate our Galactic masteries for new Reality of Life's Upliftment.
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Your Subtle Space and Subtle Bridge

Subtle Space
The invisible aspect of Life, the 99% engine that builds worlds, is your Space Within. - As you connect the conscious and the Unconscious, you create your expansion.
As you merge opposites... your heart (Love/subtle) and your mind (Choice/physical). - The two become one, and creates a three. The triangle, the connection. Ascension becomes a natural evolution

Connect within the unconscious-self and soothe fear into potential strength. Life flows to you unconditionally whether you are in a moment of pain or joy. Imagine your physicality spiraling out, dissolving into All, connecting with the depth of the Invisible-Infinite Love.
Nurture Compassion and Appreciation within you.. they are powerful catalysts for this process. Here the totality of what is available to you, connects consciously with you.
Your Unconscious Vastness shows you Life flowing through you.. to create a New Earth.
Excerpts from J.Price
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When you take delight in anything in your present moment, you open to the flows of Grace. You tune into the Pure Creative Energy of the Universe. ~ A. Albers


This subtle energy-dance of Tachyon and GRACE.

"As the collective starts to balance this energy of masculine and feminine in entirely new ways... it is time to step up and own your grace.
Your spirit is never in jeopardy, for it is infinite. It is the part of you that connects to the other dimensions of yourself.
You are the perfect imperfection of God-Source... that is walking in Grace: - BE the Observer - with humour, shining your Spirit on a very dense and confused planet. No one is responsible for the collective, although every single one of you can change it.
New codes of light are received more as subtle feelings than words... By being your authentic self and stepping up into the higher vibrations of who you can truly be - - Multidimensional. Now your 3 D. realities do not work in the same way any longer. You have stepped up into another dimensional reality.
The new vibrational energy is changing everything: every game, everywhere. And where you find vulnerability is also where you find your strength."
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The Pools of Light

Pools of Light
This holographic universe can be a controlled hallucination... or the infinite choices of Multidimensional Living.
With discernment, focus and intent from the heart.. a quantum leap is now taking place.. into the cosmic pools of Light.

"The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances."
Buddha - "Wear GRATITUDE like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your Life." Rumi
"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of Luck"
Dalai Lama - "You are one with the Sun, the Earth, the Air. You don’t have a life. You are Life.” E.Tolle. - Meanwhile any negative thought destroys and positive thought creates. P Kelly
Thoughts are frequencies that resonate and attract, so what ever is put out.. comes back. Beyond the good or the bad, the Universe accommodates your reality.
Adversity can be a disguised gift for strength or an assignment in grounding peace. Do what you love, when you PLAY you pray, it elevates your vibration… to CREATE anew.
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on the cusp…

on the Cusp
From my little life on the cusp… to Infinity. - With our serenity, gratitude and love of Nature we are discovering the vast span of Infinity’s potentials ... with empathetic revelations.
Our multidimensionality still dormant within.. is the vibration of our higher self Presence. Awakening this resonance will perceive invisible Realms beyond the duality of our Time/space - Mind/Body...
and like a drop of water merging back into the oceans of this Universe… our creative process starts flowing.

In the midst of chaos, holding a neutral calmness ( out of the stress structures ), and remaining open, we are allowing the flow of Change that is now expanding our perspective to see the bigger picture - the forest beyond the trees.
From the Heart, we can blaze our frequencies of Compassion and Peace through and around everyone.. and beyond 3D physics, our heartfelt quantum waves in a "butterfly effect"..
are thus harmonizing with the Earthand Solar crystalline grid, that are amplifyinga new era of Truth and Wisdom with visionary Creations in all fields.
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Relax and Rest in the infinite. The Invisible Sun seen with our heart ( the intuitive INNATE LOVE ).

Two Suns
Here are two sunsets : One sunset is seen with our eyes, the other sunset is seen with our heart ( the intuitive INNATE LOVE ).
As we genuinely deeply appreciate a daily sunset or sunrise or a tree etc.. then slowly more appears… by simply daydreaming, a meditative time/space warp opens a shift of dimension. Children do this easy but they're trained not to do. Luckily I escaped.
Now we are in the Earth Consciousness Shift! Brace yourself for the wakening of the magnificence sleeping within you - hold your peace and your love always alert beyond linear judgments and into compassion. Relax and Rest in the infinite .
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Building the Change  and our Unseen Resonance 

Building Change
Building Change with Peace and Compassion… by integrating our “higher” resonance from "the subtle and the unseen" of the heart ... into new destinations.
Polarization and Discernment. The physical and non-physical are connected."Nurturing" in your life! Are we feeding our fear, or feeding our Love!

What about that multidimensional piece of your DNA!...this is going to bring your consciousness in line with your innate: the wisdom of your Soul.
Beneath the chaos, a desire for unity cries out within human hearts. The universe is in an elegant vibrational dance... with the Guidance of the NOW, with each wave, each breath - each fall, each smile - through you, is created anew.
The Universe has an infinite number of ways it can solve our problems and... now with a heart-tuning, our free will is our adventure.
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Crystalline Solar Light Bodies ... Projecting Gratitude and Compassion

crystalline solar body
Projecting our Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. - Connected to everything... The subtle link to Infinity and Creation... and the Energy holding all the realities together.
Visualization is to Play with Energy of joy and gratitude, and to Work with the Universe - Beyond the linear Time and Space.
Nurture the Frequencies from the heart... powerful Vibrations of Alchemy that create the New Earth.

Re-member who you are and remember the seeds that you came to plant on Earth.
With the crystalline Dragons, Masters of Fire, Air, Earth, Water and the Ether, the unseen fifth element of Transmutation and Unification of form into Wholeness via Compassion and Wisdom.
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Windows to the Souls - How Intent creates Synchronicity

This is a Renaissance of humanity in gestation.. as galactic surges and Earth’s steady ascension assures that only what is aligned with high vibrations can endure
Major changes at a cellular level - to accommodate intensified fifth-dimensional crystalline solar light.. with new visions of tangible oneness, love and reverence for all life.
How your Intent and the field of the planet’s highest potentials co-create magic in synchronicity. ..communication is going to start increasing between that which is the quantum self and the linear self
revealing a new kind of communication with your subconscious..

Synchronicity - it is the Trust that Spirit ( the part of you who stands on the other side of the veil: your Higher Self ).. that guides you, so you will be in the right place at the right time.
The “windows” may be pure and clear, or muddied by fear and misunderstanding.. Honor your fears, honor your joys and your inspirations... as these are telling you whereyour energy is aligned and where it is not.
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Evolutionary Leap, the challenge and the Rejuvenation ( of Earth & Human )

Evolu Leap
As the Light increases on Earth... everything that conflicts with light is pushed to surface at a great pace in order to be transmuted, back into its original perfection.
With much more radiation and charges from space… we hope you're working in harmony with ALL. Your inner peace has more effect on planet Earth than you could possibly imagine. It is quantum ( beyond your linear time-space reality )
Your intuitive/telepathic links with Light Beings and your own Multidimensional Self Field.. is the inspiration needed. You came to this "planet of free choice" to co-create this New Earth of Harmony.
Remember, you dare to take this hard but magnificent challenge. To see the subtle “invisible connection” : the new potentials in positive communications by connecting opposites.
Through this painful purging and to experience these new frequencies, This healing energy is already here for you. Imagine your heart opening as a flower opens to the sun.
Now we begin our evolutionary journey back to the Heart of infinite Love-God-Source by ascending step-by-step up the spiral of evolution.
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"the SecondComing"
" Second Coming " 1979 : cover of Australian magazin " Simply Living "- issue about the origins of the Dolphin Consciousness and the birth of a new human's awareness with Earth & Sea's love and respect.

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