About Whales . . . . . . . . Dragons

You exist in time, but you belong to eternity. . . . . . You are a penetration of eternity into the world of time.
You are deathless, your consciousness knows no death, no birth, it is only your body that is born and dies.
You are not conscious of your consciousness, and that is the whole art of meditation; becoming conscious of consciousness itself.
Hold to Truth regardless of appearances.Manifest the inner... You are creators, but have not realized it.
...obsolete third dimensional energies of the past cannot be carried with you into the new and higher resonance
no matter how well they may have served in the past.... the outer scene will begin to reflect that,
your consciousness will be manifesting clearer interpretations of Divine Ideas.
~Marilyn Raffaele, the Arcturian Group,
From 1995 to 1998 Jean-Luc made a 3D animation called "Voyage of a Starseed" - then in 1999 to 2004 the 30 minute film DVD called "Transmuteo" - and from 2005 to 2013 "Voyage to Infinity with Whales and Dragons "


This Goddess is our Feminine aspect - Yin - Muse - Power of Freedom, of wisdom, INTUITION, sovereignty, inspiration, ingenuity, respect, courage, strength,  justice, strategy, and the arts.


the Interconnectedness of ALL, visible or invisible

from Amoeba to Human and onward - Evolution is the seeding of "Humanity Global Oneness".

Events outside of you will not affect you, and if anything it is the other way around. We very much respect your sovereignty and freedom to exercise your own freewill.
If you could see the overall picture where Earth is concerned you would note that outwardly there is seemingly a great degree of chaos,yet the ultimate picture is one of achievement and fulfillment.
Every aspect of life is about "vibrations" and in time your medical establishment would find that it is a path worth investigating.
You may wonder why we do not meet some of you on Earth ? of course the truth is we dobut it is an intended contact and of a personal nature. The most popular place for meeting is in the higher levels during your sleep time,
and very few of you take memories of it back with you.
- - - It is however of value to know that all life is interconnected, and that is why mass consciousness is so important. SaLuSa ~Excerpts by Mike Quinsey

- A Hologram of Heart Light - You have agreed to play this game blindfolded, which you have done over and again. But now is the time you can start to re-member. Begin in your heart and hold it there
for that is the place where you make a difference. When you connect with others and everyone focuses their heart?s desire, you create a new hologram. That is what is taking place. Where are your dreams? Many of you have been
in survival mode and as such, have lost your dreams. When you are fighting day to day to make something happen, you lose sight of the larger vision. All of you have been slightly out of balance one way or another on planet Earth.
It is part of the nature of duality which you have been living in. Now, you are living in a field of triality which is quite different from what you have stepped out of.

Earth whispers in a Time of Change - Now & Here all spaces collapse - Now all times collapse into ONE

A New Earth, where Nature and People are more important than money and power. It is a whisper that will enter your dreams and meditations, inviting you to be part of something new and beautiful.
And if you hear that call from the Earth, and if you answer her in your heart, you will be guided to those places and people who will also be a part of the Diamond Earth Community.

The "Crystal Gardens"... it is simply the energy or the frequency of Higher Consciousness where the Diamond Light shines through all living beings and creates an expression of Divine Joy on Earth. It is this that you remember from the beginning, from Mu and Lemuria, when the Divine Light was bright on the Earth. And so it will be again, as the Diamond Light is anchored in the hearts and souls of those who work for a Higher Form of Community on Earth.
~excerpts from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

"All the while we have chased after an external heaven or sense of personal redemption; we have forgotten the truth within our being. Heaven has never been a place or condition outside us.
The entire universe always operates with unconditional love. The planets, stars, and life forms of other worlds and dimensions all abide by this understanding. The light and love within the atom is the same energy that sustains galaxies along with you and me. It is the cohesive element that keeps the spiral of life ever expanding and going higher and this connection to all life is love."
~excerpt from Harold W. Becker

" You are the essence of all creations... you are everywhere... Everything is within you... there no outside - Now all spaces collapse into ONE - Now all times collapse into ONE,
any moment you so desire, you can be within the total here and now, you can live you life in that way... "
~excerpt from Bashar via Daryl Anka ~ An Unlimited Way of Being - Message From The Galactics

On the Nature of a vaster Reality
Revolutionizing the Future of Learning - The Cloud... and beyond to a Future where knowing is obsolete. When at peace... you are living in the Present, at the gates to infinite potentials.
Sugata Mitra: What will it be tomorrow? Could it be that we don't need to go to school at all? They are growing up in an age where everything that humanity has ever known is inside their pockets.
- Children - like mini visionaries and researchers in fields of paradigms transcending time/space thinking, latent to create sentient organic devices that combine the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions.
And with their thirst and curiosity for adventures, they are expanding into an omnipresent quest for exploring the infinite unknown by ways of improving human biology and the regeneration to an optimal Planet.
maybe we could all get together with a really big screen and drift free into cyberspace all together. ... why is people spending billions of dollars on the Higgs boson and other don't have enough to eat?
You try spending an evening researching that with a couple of 10-year-olds or whatever, I can tell you, you won't regret it. ? It's called the Self-organized Learning Environment.
~from TED radio hour
"Tiny babies are already doing a lot of the kinds of thinking and learning that we think of as being the learning of very sophisticated scientists." ~ A. Gopnik psychologist

The real " doing nothing " implies inner non-resistance and intense alertness. - In that state, your mind is free of concepts, including the concept of non-violence.
~ E. Tolle
Accept what is , and allow change to occur ... It does not assist things, for you to be attached to the outcome. Know that Infinite Intelligence is working, creating change in the direction of balance and harmony.
If there is more that you can do, trust that you will be guided to know this through your intuition.
When you have an expanded perspective about life, there is greater freedom to express the dynamic, creative qualities inherent within you.
~Archangel Gabriel

... the conversation between Einstein and Tagore is a wonderful exploration of the fundamental questions of existence, touching on science, philosophy, consciousness and beauty. When he compares human society in terms of fundamental particles. "Matter is composed of protons and electrons, with gaps between them; but matter may seem to be solid. Similarly humanity is composed of individuals, yet they have their interconnection of human relationship, which gives living unity to man's world." And when the conversation shifts to the nature of reality - whether Truth can exist independently of humanity - Einstein admits that his beliefs may not rely solely on what he can know through science. " I cannot prove scientifically that Truth must be conceived as a Truth that is valid independent of humanity; but I believe it firmly. I believe, for instance, that the Pythagorean theorem in geometry states something that is approximately true, independent of the existence of man." On the Nature of Reality -'' When Einstein Met Tagore"
The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day, - runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.
It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.
It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death, in ebb and in flow.
I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life. And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.
~by Rabindranath Tagore

" Earth is the ultimate challenge, The Game of All Games."

Earth was designed as a destination for "thrill seekers" ...designed to be the ultimate challenge for those souls who wished to take on the impossible task. And it was with gamesmanship, and no evil intent, that the concept of the Ego was created.
Now the key with the Ego was that it had to remain hidden from everyone or else the secret would be "out" and the game would no longer be a challenge for incarnates. So when you hear your light family refer to
"The Gameboard," they are referring to the original design of Earth.

So when you ask why Truth was kept from you, it was for the purposes of the Ultimate Game - the ultimate puzzle ( with Free Choice and no memories of where one comes from ) . Sure, it is easy to escape imprisonment when you can identify your captors and can find the escape route.
But how does one escape if the way out is hidden within each participant? It is the ultimate challenge of the Ego - the top level video game of Earth -
where both freedom and confinement are hidden deep within to be discovered on the path to your true Home of pure love. It is the Game of all Games.
~Excerpts from The Elders of the Divine Macroverse ~by Rainey Marie Highley

Deep within the Realms of * Inner Earth and Inner Heart * of higher love.


The Elementals purpose was to sustain this magnificence of the Planet , but at the fall of Consciousness when the Earth was disconnected from the - Source Creator - and Archangels, the Elementals were misunderstood and now we need a bridging once again.
The Elementals was able to create with the elements, the air-water-fire-earth, but the missing piece was what they lost at the fall of consciousness.
They lost the "Element of Love".
And the way to give and get the element of love back on Earth... is if we love ourselves... and it starts with loving our physical body... because the Earth and the elementals works with the physicalness of the Earth...
Now - the Ascended Masters affirm that you are going to turn this physical body into Light this year by changing the ATP- ADP relationship of the neurone and amino acids of the brain - where nothing breaks
by starting loving your body as it is - by valuing this vehicle, you're going to have a sense of this key element of love.

That's working with the Elementals and that purpose is to clean the air - clean the waters - clean the Earth.   And this ignites the beginning to change the air, water, fire element in the Earth and the movement of the Earth
because the Earth has to move and this is, in these rigide places - like a pebble in my shoe - and this is right under the tectonic plates - and instead of: I am getting angry at this pebble in my shoe - when those plates shift - it is going to be astonishing and devastating. But...
But where you are playing now - you are being asked by the light masters, the creator, the elementals to come to the table and we will together create this nice subtle rolling nature of the Earth as it grows into the harmonious Christed-Being that it once was. That's what the Elementals are!
~Excerpts from Jim Self -

Many eyes are focus upon your TINY BLUE ORB,... your next step in your evolution will be when you acquire full consciousness, and it is not as far away as you might assume. Your present life is far removed from what you can expect in time to come. You are in fact about to conclude your experiences in the lower dimension, and will leave them with a greatly expanded level of consciousness.
You have a lot to learn about the truth of things outside your own planet, yet even the Earth has many secrets to share with you. It is known for example that it is hollow and that Beings live inside it, and after Ascension you will meet them. They are in fact more advanced than you are and will be pleased to share their knowledge with you, and help you advance more quickly than you would have otherwise done. They will be of great help in advancing the future of mankind and the Earth.

Trust your intuition: ... As is often the case where the end times are concerned, there is a lot of pressure placed upon the people. However, each of you are where you should be so that any remaining karma can be cleared. So please do your best to deal with it so that it is completely finished. This will ensure that you can enjoy the transition period and be fully prepared for the future. The Galactic Federation sends its love and assures you in your well being.~Excerpts from SaLuSa,08-2014 Mike Quinsey

Many Parallel Universes happen at once, next to your time-space. Due to the INFINITY principle, all possible known and unknown lives, are ultimatly ONE

You are never alone!
Higher Energies and Angelic Forces are always on hand to assist you as you learn to engage your Core Power*
and to exist as a Human Angel or an Earthly Being of Light, Love and Power.

*This Core Power is a very deep inner power into your process of awakening and transformation. When you began the process, you were able to receive and to align fully with the incoming Galactic Light Codes.
The combination of an active Light Body and Light Activated DNA creates a powerful energetic flow that can be directed through the Heart and the Higher Chakras to create what we would call "Core Power" in each awakened and conscious individual. This means that you have a power and an influence that goes beyond your mind and your simple mental thoughts and judgmemnts. You have a flow of energy that is aligned with the Cosmic Heart.

Allow the Divine Feminine energy aspect of the Core Power to be engaged. This means to allow the Flow of Life and to be closely connected to Love, Trust and Acceptance.
See your life as a work of art in which you are consciously choosing the shapes, forms, colors and tones that will manifest as Beauty and Harmony. Engage with the Divine Masculine aspects of your Core Power, in responsibility and integrity and commitment.

This Transition includes the shift to the new Diamond Crystal Grids on the Earth, where you will reconnect with Nature and with the new Light Codes that are preparing to manifest a new and sustainable Earth as soon as they are called forth by those who are in training to be the new Shamans and Dream Walkers on the Earth. In the next two years, many will be called to work with Nature and the Elemental energies in bringing the New Earth into manifestation on the Planet,
The field of resonance of those making the choice to evolve provides a powerful alignment with Divine Light . Your choices right now are powerful and can assist the Planet on her journey into Higher Consciousness as a Collective.
~ Excerpts from Archangel Michael by Celia Fenn-

Now you are at this unique junction - Now you are not one being... you are multiple over-souls.

Parallel life-lines are meeting in a Torus form - not in the old linear reality,
you are crossing into your multidimensional Nature: a new consciousness of Goddess/God and Infinity.

Multi Torus

The golden key is to first find the joy in wherever you are now. Until you find the light in the moment and live in the now moment, you will repeat the same situation over and over again because that is the cycle. When we tell you about the grand torus and the way it moves together in all 11 dimensions of your time and space, you must understand that each part is made up of a circle. Time is truly circular, dear ones, not linear. Therefore, when you experience something difficult, we guarantee you it will repeat until you find that golden key. When you are able to change your perception of it and find that one glimmer of hope then use it. These are the ways of the new world; these are the ways of the empowered humans, for you are making space on your planet.

A New Balance is arriving of masculine and feminine in an entirely new way. It has come in before because all the energies have, in waves. You are starting to cross dimensions within yourself in every moment, dear ones, especially during those things that you call challenges.
The universe does not exist in the way you think it does. Look around you. The truth is, that those atoms are ... moving around all the time, but it is only when he looks at them and expects to see something that they jump together to make those items that you perceive. So, what would it take for you to expect something different? Expect a miracle. It means changing your thought patterns, changing the way you think about time.

Creator Beings that Age - Does that mean you will have a space ship landing on CNN? Well, we really do not think so. But what it means is that you will start to re-member some of the magic in you.
Start to understand that time is circular, which is the reason you repeat things in your lives. So, if you missed it and you made a mistake, do not judge yourself. God does not judge himself/herself, for that is insanity. Leave it go and know that it will repeat through the natural, circular time and you will have many opportunities to do it if you take the pressure off. You will start seeing things from a different perspective. You will dare to go out and make lots of good mistakes. Now you will start to see your truth then you will start to understand who you truly are and in those moments, we will turn around and offer it to each other.

This is the Age of Empowerment, dear ones. Those are the golden keys that each of you carry. Some of you brought them into the clan that you were a part of, while others brought specific rays of light to planet Earth. to help all of humanity take this next step into empowerment and create the new world. Celebrate the situations which you believe are difficult, and doing so will help you change your perspective.
You are the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. We applaud you, dear ones. You have no idea how very special you are. You have made a veil of forgetfulness. Many of you wear it proudly, and we tell you it is starting to fade. We applaud you and are here with big smiles on our faces as you start to awaken from the dream, wiping the sleep from your eyes. You are taking charge, for a new world is here. Welcome Home. Look for those golden keys to help you create a life of your choosing. Celebrate Home, dear ones, and celebrate who you are in this now moment.
~Excerpts from the Keeper of Time. -

" As the changes occur... find your own connection to Source!
A soul does not have a human reality. . . A soul has God/Goddess Reality. "

La Source
Take the steps anyway, for in moving forward towards your dreams, wishes, goals, and desires, you call forth Life! You call forth Love!
You enter into streams of grace in which you receive the support and assistance you need.

Acting from love, joy, desire, and passion. That type of action is motivated by love, and in return the universe must echo love back to you!
If you expend your energy in loving action you will feel more energized. You will attract more grace and ease.

If you could only see the decisions made before birth... " I will do anything, anything to wake up this other soul that I love so much... even if it involves suffering at their hand!" In the heavens before birth that is such an easy decision to make, because the soul knows it is eternal. On earth, these spirits - now human - often wonder what they have done to 'deserve' such behaviors.
Know that each and every soul involved is being given an opportunity to learn more about Love - love of God, love of self, and love of others, for as we see it... this is all One in the same.
~The Angels from Ann Albers

The Light is changing everything that isn't serving the best interests of Earth and her light-receptive residents, and what appears to be "getting worse and worse" is many generations of conflicting ideologies at boiling point. Everyone is being affected positively or negatively by the ever-increasing light and everything going on within individuals, which is what determines their reactions to happenings, is the natural result of heightened vibrations.
As light continues to pour in and lightworkers on the planet keep generating more, gradually the boil will ebb to a simmer and ultimately to "still waters."

At this stage of global activity, however, there is tumultuous disagreement, and worries abound about what next will be reported on the "news." Your world is awash in information, but the majority of the populace has no idea whatsoever about pre-birth agreements and soul contracts, the dark and light forces, the purpose of karma and multiple lifetimes, or the importance of balance. They don't know that their ancestors are from other civilizations; massive assistance is being given by Extraterrestrials; or wild storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are Earth's ways of ridding herself of negativity. They don't know that She has been on an ascension course for more than seven decades or that the speed and scope of planetary changes are - unprecedented in this universe - , and they know nothing about Earth's Golden Age. You do know all of that and much more.

Love starts with self, with living so that loving self is as natural as - Breathing - . Only then can you give and receive love. Love is contagious, unlimited, omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, lack into prosperity. It is the absence of love that breeds all the woes of your world, and it is filling the void with love that will cure the woes. This is not asking you to love what brings misery and deprivation and harm! It is asking you to simply feel love so you can send forth that energy - it will seek its way to the void.

Beloved family, by living in accordance with these principles, these universal laws, you manifest what you want in your life, evolve spiritually and consciously, and speed your society's pace in co-creating the grandness of Earth's Golden Age. ~July 2014

It is important for each of you to maintain your high connection with your higher self and your spiritual guidance at all times and to avoid being drawn in to the personal and collective dramas that are occurring. Your task is to remain centered upon creating and holding the vision of a new reality of a better life for all. Know that this can be a tricky process as those you love and care about will be going through their own growth process of awakening awareness and this can affect your own equilibrium and balance in your desire to help them. Empower them as best you can while knowing that only they can go through whatever it is they are going through. No one else can walk their chosen path for them. ~Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff

Planet Earth is Acclimating to its New 5D Hologram

" Isis , Goddess of Peace and Creation "
Your Physical Bodies are Becoming Crystalline. You have had many incarnations on Earth. Not all of them happened in a physical body in the way that you think for Earth has been here much longer than the physical beings. This is only one aspect of your life ranges. You have all cared about planet Earth tremendously and many of you were there when she was born as a hot ball of gaseous material. ... You are becoming crystalline in nature; a process that is taking place over a long period of time for most of you. Of course you can speed things up. Understand that your physical being is going through changes as well so that you can simply carry more of your own light. You are a joy to watch because you are a unique part of god; you are a unique part of the whole and even though it has not always been accepted, which comes out every time you smile, every time you laugh, every time you make a word. Even if no one hears it, it is a vibration in the universe. Its magic does not only help to change planet Earth, it also sets up your future and the potentials of what you came to do and how you can do it.
Most of your world is made up of carbon based material, which turns crystalline when it is compressed over eons of time. It turns into this beautiful diamond; the same as you are. You are becoming crystalline in nature, and your physical beings will actually carry some of that energy which your medical sciences will actually identify as a crystalline structure in the very near future. You are holding it in your energy. You are god and therefore you are creating your world around you.
You will start to see how you can create your own energy in the world around you by holding excitement and love, by knowing and owning your mastery. It does not mean that you are the best at everything; it means that you carry your unique ray of light. All beings everywhere are now putting together this beautiful new game for you. You have the opportunities to step into a world of empowerment in a whole new way.

Responsibility: A Balance to Power. There is a very clear balance to power: responsibility. All of you hold a little piece of heaven on Earth. All of you hold a little piece of the future of humanity. Allow yourself to come together and bring your own piece to the table, even if it is not the brightest and even if your voice is not the loudest. It is time. The opportunity is now to step forward and make a huge difference here on planet Earth.
You have come forward in the most beautiful ways. These are the times to do so, to hold your spiritual confidence and speak your truth even though there may be those around you who disagree. That is evolution. That is empowerment.
There is a time where you can all stretch out and reach into a new world. Encourage each other. Muster up the courage to stand up and speak your truth even if it is in a small way. Speak what is in your heart and allow it to evolve. That is the nature of humanity. Even if you shout it into the woods where no one can hear you, it sets up a vibrational pattern around you which even affects the cells in your body. These are the next steps of conscious creators in humanity on planet Earth.

Planet Earth is Acclimating to its New Hologram. . . . Understand that the Earth is going through a major transition. The new hologram has overlaid the original hologram of Earth. What you are experiencing now is the acclimation period. These are the times when all of you can awaken from the dream and listen to your own spirit. The Earth feels this stress as the pressure is building. It can be released in an earthquake, in a volcanic eruption or in many different ways. Also you pick this pressure. You do this in your emotional systems. It makes you incredibly sensitive to everything that surrounds you. You brought a very unique ray of light into this planet and the Earth herself is starting to find a calmness that will help. You will see more of what you call asteroids and comets, they are seeds of life that are being planted on the new Earth, which are carrying incredible parts that all of you can use.~Excerpts from The group



You are Shapeshifting into You. . . Understand that those components of human growth that once required eons of earth time to materialize are now happening in days, hours and minutes - per your request.
What may feel as if it is your role today may not feel as such tomorrow.
No one but you can determine if a particular route is right for you today. And no one - including you - can determine where that route will take you tomorrow.
You are evolving into a new person minute by minute. Just as the caterpillar does not understand what it will become when it feels the need to start creating it's cocoon. So too do you not fully understand where your thoughts, creations and joy will lead you.

Do not project what is going to happen to your creations. Do not worry about doing "it right". Merely follow your passions today - and tomorrow will automatically evolve for you and with you.You are the director of your master/mystery path. Yet you do not know the outcome. Just as a caterpillar creates a cocoon without fully understanding why.
Allow yourself to flow into being - instead of forcing yourself to create what seems financially, physically or emotionally correct. You are the only one with the "key" to your being. But that does not mean you yet understand what that means. Follow your passion of the day or the moment and you will find yourself in the right places and vibrations for the new you.
Allow yourself to be and shift and change. You are shape-shifting into you. Knowing that as you follow your passion of the moment, you are one step closer to you. So be it.
~Excerpts from Brenda Hoffman

. . . TIME such as you experience, is an illusion, but necessary for you to progress within the limitations of the Third Dimension. Nevertheless, you are beginning to sense that greater opportunities exist beyond its confines. Indeed, you are stepping into the higher vibrations, and providing you are refining yours you will remain on the path to them. Such progress is inevitable as it is time to leave the old vibrations behind with those souls who remain within them by choice. We have told you before and repeat again that it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a New Age. At such times great changes occur that unavoidably result in chaos before settling down, but out of them will come that lasting peace that every soul seeks.

Deep down all of you know the truth of your journey through many lives in the lower dimensions. However, you have varying degrees of understanding or intuition, and the more awakened you are the more aware you will have become. Do not concern yourself over those who blindly hold to their limited understanding, as they are simply experiencing according to their needs. Each soul will follow its specific path at this time, and like any other one will have its Guides to ensure they fulfil their life contract. Similarly each one will find themselves exactly where they planned to be at the end of this cycle. Because souls of a similar vibration tend to gravitate to each other, you will find groups forming with similar interests. This is also very much the case where families are concerned, who are a group of souls who often reincarnate together to continue their evolution.

Looking around you there seems to be so much going on that is not associated with the Light, but we can assure you that it is continually working to lift the vibrations. It is directed and used by entities who work from the higher dimensions on a scale that is monumental and beyond your present understanding. Indeed, it would be true to say that you are surrounded by souls who are working with the Light, and they come from many different levels. They have answered the call for help to assist you to fulfil your life contracts. Remember also that there are millions of souls off planet who are there to serve the Light, including our own fleets and personal that draws closer to you all of the time. You and Mother Earth are all so important to the future of your Solar System and your destiny.

Keep your minds on the grand future that awaits you, and do not let periods of turmoil set you back. All will turn out to your liking sooner that you might imagine and peace will settle upon Earth. Your levels of consciousness are continually rising and will continue to do so until you once again become Galactic Beings. You have little idea of how evolved you really are, and much of what you experience is simply a matter of awakening memories that have become dormant. ~Excerpts from SaLuSa june 2014

Our Multiple-Unseen-Parallel Lives

"Earth is in a timeline. She is basically part of the finite process
and although your physical bodies that you carry are also finite, you are infinite in nature.

You have been here on Earth much longer than your sciences will tell you.      Although you are infinite in nature, it was important that you took on a little imperfectionin order to be in the same realm.
You are perfect and you have no beginning and no end. Like all energy, it never dies. It only transforms from one form to the next.    Can you imagine what it is like to travel forward in time to plant seeds for yourself so that you can walk into them on the timeline?
All of these are common attributes of your lightbodies.

You have brought all your systems with you into the new density. Therefore you must try to adjust them and bring them into this level.     This is not easy because what you had was a lower vibrational system that you are now trying to work in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. are multiple beings of which you see yourself are perfect at Home and imperfect on planet Earth for Earth is a place of imperfection.   Also, on planet Earth you are in the timeline while you have no time at Home.     The truth is, you have freedom from this and you can move in more ways than you thought. However, in order for you to come and have an experience on Earth, you must divide your perfection.

So, when you decided to come to Earth, you said, ?I cannot have all my perfection here that I have at Home  so when I go to Earth, I am going to have twelve experiences at once.? That twelfth dimension is what you call your higher self
... humanity is now learning to think with its heart instead of the brain.Celebrate your perfect imperfections. Celebrate the beauty of who you are.   That will bring heaven to Earth faster than you can imagine. It has already begun. It has happened so fast that most of you feel a little displaced in this new energy.    Do not feel like you have to run and catch up to everything. Let it come to you."
~Excerpts from The group -


Who are Dragons? and. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
MAHALO - thank you (in Hawaiian) - for all your good wishes! I am blessed to be able to share with you all, what i feel.
... some of the "subtle" beauty I can humbly and barely perceive, from the gardens and Nature's multitude of realms : - to co-create with these shapeshifter "devas" , sometime fairies, sometime intricate patterns and geometries... so rich in color and vibrations.
- to see the unseen from the "eyes-within", for our "energy-centers" can read all the matrix around plants, animals and flowers, like a multitude of tiny sunset-radiance. (as they can read ours )
We are more than a body or a smart computer brain, we are unlimited energy beyond time, space and any believes. And life in this body is like a cruise, sometime with good weather or not so good .
Yet we always are able to kindle another kind of warmth giving "sun", within the mysterious power-centers ... of our pineal pearl of imagination, intuition and of our heart.

In Polynesia, MANA is a spiritual quality
considered to have supernatural origin - a sacred force within us
and simultaneously existing in the universe.
Therefore to have MANA is to have efficacy and a wisdom from the stars.
And it's all about the journey!
Now as the Moon teams up with Pluto, planet of change and revolution
it's a reminder that nothing is written in stone.
And that this is your story and you can always change things up.

In the middle of these Fields of forces - the often forgotten existence of the Ether and the importance they play into constantly creating any phenomena...
Harmonious network linking nature and us with the Field of Infinite life across the Universe.
Unimaginably huge number of parallel universes, or multiverses, are now more at reach, each similar to our own yet with divers outcomes... all related the fluctuation of our thoughts.
A world of green energy, gardens, healthy and colorful innovations are in our hands.
MANA of the ley lines and the Quetzalcoatl

Our universe is actually a giant hologram, like the Star Trek's Holodeck where we manifest what we could imagine and that unfolds into more possibilities. All is about Vibration like the string of a violin creating musical patterns, our respect and appreciation for even the most simple of thing becomes a harmonic with the All That Is, connecting us to ever larger Ways of Life.
Quantum Travel is here but out of the programmation of the Time/Space experience.
It is where we can imagine, that the centers of our atoms in our cells, are merely a holographic reflection the centers of our galaxies, like infinity mirrors?. all microscopic worlds containing the harmonics of greater macroscopic cosmos, thus Oneness Is always available even if our awareness is sleeping,
actually when we are sleeping and dreaming we pursuing and expanding our original human design... to astral-travel to where we can live free beyond the limits of linear rational mind.
Now we live in one of many holographic worlds that our believes and thoughts have created... like into the ultimate video game, where pains and pleasures feels so real.
and also where dwell our spirit and heart, the gates to our potentials and multi-demensional life... where Magic is real just beyond this 3rd density.
Particles are in many places at once... where the mind focus or observation goes, particles of matter follow and so our lives unfold unlimited and linked to multitudes of parallel realities...
even where unseen Beings soar, in the vast dimensions between human thoughts.
- DRAGONS ARE the masters of intuition. Their fluidity move with grace through air, earth, fire and water ... streaming with energies to move thru the shadows of prejudice and ignorance.
- DRAGONS are the masters of spiraling motion, harmonizing with the core elements, into the power of now and it?s most actual efficiency.
- DRAGONS are perceived as elusive and misunderstood myths because their are magnetic and electric energy, Unseen yet seen in manifestations of Light - part ethereal & part matter -
read more about the Energetics of Dragons from the Elders

Join Joan, Jean-Luc and our friends in our one-week seminars
Swim with dolphins, with and in the invisible harmonics of their aquatic realms:

Our 5th Dimensional Timeship- Earth ... Our relationship with Nature & Earth and our relationship with Time & Space.


Earth is a "Timeship", a structure designed to move through Space and create Time. We are the Time Travellers. We travel with and on the Earth and we create Time on the Earth both individually and collectively.
We are infinite in nature and that we move through time in Spirals which are Circles of Light.
The pattern of seeding and opening through Spirals is prevalent in Nature and in the is the way that we seed, unfurl, open and experience in life. It is the Master Pattern of Life.
reations. When a Time Spiral has a particularly strong frequency, it will immediately start attracting others to participate in the Time Spiral or Time line and to become part of the Story.
The earliest Shamans were also storytellers who kept the "wisdom" of the people, speaking or origins and futures as they created their Time Spirals. They danced in the Dream Worlds and connecting with the Spirits of Nature to assist in the health and energy of the Time Spiral of the People.

The issue of Frequency is important, for each Timelines emits its signature frequency, and you can be pulled out of your own frequency or desired frequency if you allow yourself to be entangled in the frequency of someone whose narrative and frequency do not match your own or what you aspire to. Or, initially, you may be in frequency resonance and then the frequency may change as the Spiral develops and as more participants enter. At this point, you will have to choose whether to stay in the Time Spiral or Jump the Spiral to something else... in the past, when we were all more or less on the same frequency and Time Story, it was not so noticeable, but now as we become empowered and able to initiate and shift Time Spirals, we can immediately feel and see this phenomenon. Instead of being upset, we should possibly see this as a mark that our Time Creations skills are improving as we follow of Story and our Dream in the right direction, allowing nothing and no one to pull us from our own Time Spiral and Frequency.
When the Light Body is activated, the center of balance moves to the Heart and the Thirteen Chakra energy system includes access to the Higher Dimensions and the Cosmic and Galactic Spirals or Time Spirals. You have access to Cosmic Creation Codes and you are initiating Time Spirals from the Center of Compassion and Love. The Energy signature of such Time Spirals will be Love and Creation and a more graceful and infinite relationship with Time Creation.

It is important to understand that when we Time Travel we use our Time Travel machine, which is our Pineal Gland in collaboration with the Soul Star Chakra and the Higher Chakras. We don't actually go anywhere, we change frequencies. What that means is that we exist in the Eternal NOW moment but we can access whichever frequency of reality that we choose, as we become more skilled. Most people think of Time Travel in third dimensional terms as moving to another place, when in reality it is a change of Frequency on a particular Time Spiral.
An accomplished Time Spiral Jumper, even at the level of Time Travel 101, will be able to move between Narrative and Time Spirals, doing what needs to be done, while still maintaining their own Balance and Equlilibrium. Remember, there is not just one "reality", each Time Spiral has another "version" of reality that co-exists withion the larger Frequencies of Earth Reality.
As children, we have no problem connecting with the magical and the incoherent, but as we mature we are "educated" into accepting and seeing only a predetermined coherence and "story" of our lives. When we drop the need for coherent Timelines and accept simply that the "Universe is unfolding as it should", we create the space for Miracles of synchronicity and for Time Jumps and Leaps into different dimensions.

The New Earth is not a reserve for an "elite" group of ascended beings, but rather a destination for the entire Earth and all who live on it. This is the work of the Light Warriors and the Indigo Crystal and Diamond Beings who are now incarnated, to jump the Timelines and raise the frequencies so that all of them can unfurl and ascend into the frequencies of Higher Consciousness, Love and Peace.
The Diamond Crystal Children who are coming to the Earth now in great numbers are already "wired" for the Diamond Consciousness and ready to become Timeline Jumpers and Time Travellers and Creators. They will have no difficulty in bending time and shaping reality simply by focussing and forming light and matter thorugh their multi-dimensional physical bodies. And because they hold this frequency, they are making it possible for us to move into this level of Being and Perception.
All are contributing to the recalibration of Frequency and Time on the Earth and the emergence of the New Earth reality through a series of "Time Gates" or "Time Portals".
The exciting thing about learning to be a Time Traveller and to make the Jumps, is that in due time you will be able to refine frequency so that you can make the jumps into Galactic and Cosmic Frequencies as Star Shamans and Dream Walkers. This is
what awaits us as we learn to navigate the Time Spirals and create our own Time Spirals from the Heart of who we Are.
~ Celia Fenn -

A Foot in Two Worlds


. . . Over a period of time most countries have become a mix of different races and cultures, and it is already greatly helping your civilisation to live in peace and harmony. As a collective of souls you help each other to progress, because as you do so the whole of Humanity moves forward.
..Consider that as a result of your many lives upon Earth, you have acquired knowledge and experience of many different cultures. At a subconscious level it affects your present day living, and should make you more tolerant of other people?s beliefs. You are more than just your body and in the future you will be able to ?think yourself? into whatever form you desire to further your evolution. With it comes the freedom to travel where and when you desire.

Soon you will begin crystallizing your own experience on Earth, reaching a vibrational level where you cannot tolerate the negativity. These are truly the times on planet Earth when humans will learn to live in harmony; they will discover how they are similar instead of noticing the ways that they are separate. You can work in a collective harmony in a new way. Everything that comes together towards harmony is the future of where you are all going. ~TheGroup

EARTH day with new cosmic flavors


It’s all about the journey! This year, the lines between the past, present and future are blurred, giving us a much clearer sense of where we've been, where we're going and who we are.
Extreme pressure and Enormous potentials are now aligned with the Source. Activating the Feminine Energy of Cosmic Nurturing on Earth to bring and anchor many Timelines together in the spirit of Oneness and Harmony
Our cosmic Feminine with our cosmic Masculine are transcending the old limited believes.
This Harmony within is spiraling us into the reality of One Goddess/God, merging with this One Whole Earth , in One Whole Solar System of One Whole Galaxy , in One Whole Universe from
One Infinite yet holistic Multi-verses and forever our source Home of Oneness.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe... and to match your nature with Nature.” ~Joseph Campbell


The Soul Star Chakra: … 9th)  When the lower body is aligned with the Soul Star, then it is possible for the Divine Light and Energy to flow through the Light Body and the Body, through the Heart and into the Earth.
Solar Chakra: ... 10th)  Incoming Light Waves and Light Codes are transmitted first to the Solar Council and then to the Earth.
... then decide whether to return to the Earth on another mission, or to continue our outward journey into the Galaxy.
Galactic Chakra: ...11th) is the Galactic Chakra. At this time, the most important Project is the Golden Earth Project, as the Galaxy itself upgrades in Frequency. 
Universal Chakra: ... 12th)  the Chakra that will need to be developed in the future to allow for interdimensional space travel within the Multiverses. 
Cosmic Chakra: ... 13th)  connects into the Heart of the Cosmos This is the Source of all Love, Compassion and Evolution in our Cosmos.
“The Great Mystery” that cannot be known. It is Infinite and Omniscient.
Excerpts by Celia Fenn

The Grounding… is touching Earth

You are present on Earth at a most important time, and as Lightworkers many of you have specific roles to play to help manifest the changes.
The situation upon Earth is demanding a lot from you, but bear in mind that there are immense changes taking place. You may rest assured that the outcome is known by us and indeed often set up with our help.
As the vibrations begin to lift upon Earth some of you will find that you are becoming more intuitive. Remember that we are also on hand and never far away if you require some help. We have the advantage of being able to see the larger picture and act accordingly. Sometimes we need to introduce changes in your life, and getting them into place can be difficult. Humans seem to have a strong mindset and do not always welcome change.

In the future you will live in an entirely different time, where your needs will simply be provided by pure thought and it will be instantaneous. That is why we already advise you to carefully watch your thoughts, as you have more power than you presently realize. In time you will be able to control them, and at a certain high level of vibration nothing less that positive ones would enter your mind.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, ... Then at last we shall have the stage to ourselves and rapidly proceed with the changes that have been long awaited. It will be a most exhilarating time with great happiness and joy.
~Excerpts- SaLuSa 21 Feb. 2014 ~Mike Quinsey

Transmuteo 4 ( a frame from the 3D animation film called Transmuteo )


"So true Jean-Luc! I was on a boat tour on Maui with a little 3 year old girl on board. When we entered one of the black lava caves she covered her eyes with her little hands. When I asked her after leaving why she has done that, she answered " the dragon did not want me to see his home!" we the adult of course did not see anything!! Thank you for doing such a wonderful artwork! " Siegi

Hello Siegi… to comment about " the little girl in the Dragon's cave"… my experience with Dragons is that; events happen related to the observer's consciousness, and intentions.
Dragons are Masters of "wavelengths" and so they can become the wavelength's reality or realm they want to be. Human cannot see most of these wavelengths, coz it relates to our limited "tuning".
Very young children can. The little girl was wise, she intuitively picked up that the Dragon did not wanted to be seen by the tourists for obvious reasons… so she remained quiet.

It is the same for me and few friends… we connected with the Dragons only thru the innocence and purity of our heart.
But because our mind needs to catch up, we are now undergoing our own self initiation to master our brain waves into genuine joy with no expectations nor judgments.
This is meaning we are relearning how - to link our left brain to our right brain - to be able to see the Dragons or other Beings with our eyes or...
Children were more perceptive before society's distortion; where they loose their own inner vision, tuning, creativity and intuitions… So we have to relearn this purity and harmony with all life, the magic we were born with.
You see... my childhood's visions remain deeply alive that when I paint or made the movie i easily go into deep meditative state… there is no thinking, purely intuitive choices/play of Colors and Geometry that is the way the Dragons and the Whales communicate or interact with me.
But outside of this active meditation state, I am more like an average rational analytical man who needs few adjustments or training to surf this huge wave of Transformation, now taking place on Earth… and into this unprecedented Shift of Consciousness… by the letting go of the old paradigm of fear, doubts and limitations... and up into this Aquarian age of Expansion, a major innovative quantum lip in awareness with All That Is, even infinite fields of the unknown and unseen.

Dragons are the Keepers of Treasures... but what is the most precious treasure for you?

Confucius said: "But what to do with the dragon, I do not know.
The dragon's ascent into heaven on the wind and the clouds is something which is beyond my knowledge.
... is like a well; used but never used up.
It is like the eternal void; filled with infinite possibilities.
It is hidden but always present. I don't know who gave birth to it.
It is older than God.
Today, I have seen Lao-tzu, and he is a Dragon! "

And the Dragon said:
"If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of
If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then
eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”


"Only the soul knows what Love is.." Rumi

Mo'o Hawaii
Dragons, whales, dolphins and other unseen Beings are so at ONE with Nature that they easily merge with it. And only the pure innocence of children see them!
Their codes - or way of communication - are frequencies of beauty and harmony… informations beyond our linear thinking. Yet unknown to the rational mind, these can be decoded by our own energy centers and used appropriately by our "higher self" or soul. Human had no training for subtle perception, it is dormant and this is why I illustrate and present in the film the Feminine attributes of intuition etc… to better visualize these flows. ( "She" activates the Rainbow Serpent , Kundalini or the Caduceus-spirals of the alignment of our chakras centers to open the Pineal Gland or - Door to Infinity - the next step into Multi-versal Living )

Astrologically 2012 to 2015 will be very emotionally powerful and expanding for all (as Uranus Square Pluto ) Forces are awakening deep within all of us ... to clear our limitations and move into our true joy… of living our higher potentials. Many Light Beings, Dolphins, Whales and Dragons will inspire us to move these Energies... they are masters in these. The Transformation is a Transmutation opening the gate to the vaster perspectives of our Right Brain.


What is the Nature of our own consciousness?
How will we keep our heart and "third eye" open for the subtle communications coming from the Beyond. What is our true responsibility to ourselves, to our children, to our animals and to our precious Planet?

How do the Whales & Dolphins integrate with Life on Earth and beyond the Time-Space Dimension? … and if we could think like they do… what would we perceive?

Can we still nurture our own inner state of Peace… to facilitate our connection with the Energy fields of Higher Intelligences who transmit via holographic and telepathic ways.
And thus, can we shift our ways towards harmonious solutions for living with Earth, the Galaxy and the infinite Unknown?



Warmed by the Dragon Breath…. we transmute what seems so hopeless and devastating... into a life of deep and serene gratitude … for the little pearls of wisdom in the most humble blooms of nature… as if we were drinking dew drops.
Be like a bee or a dragon , flow with the waves of your kundalini and along the Earth's dragon ley lines. You will see the unseen Beauty all around and within.

Before taking on the family and culture's giant-3d-holographic world matrix, a child sees the invisible Power of Nature. Living the Mystery…. by changing his/her view on everything to a view of bewilderment. In this state of awe start again seeing the invisible flowing thru everything
... And with wonders in our heart… what Magic are we birthing!? Remember - INFINITY - beyond the confined Space-Time of the human conditioning… we exist in expanding Beauty.
We can reshape our projected thoughts-holograms into your own universe...and within the "here and now", beyond the timeline of separation and the linear thinking... we exist as one - in this infinite ONENESS.

Calm Lake

To understand the Universe, study and understand these things: First - the Oneness - beyond time/space
Second - the Great Two, the forces of yin and yang;
Third - Heaven, Earth, and Man, or as body, mind, and spirit;
Fourth - the Four Forces, strong, weak, light, and heavy;
Fifth - the Five Elements, symbolized by water, fire, wood, metal, and earth;
Sixth - the Six Breaths- wind, cold, heat, moisture, dryness, and inflammation:
which transform the climate and the internal organs;
Seventh - the processes of Change and recycling;
Eighth - the Eight Great Manifestations - Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire, Thunder, Lake, Wind, and Mountain:
the combinations of which reveal the subtle energetic truth of all situations. Understanding these things, we can employ them internally to create magic of Earth,and fly into the Great Mystery of All That Is and Infinity.

water Realm

When we dream, we are fishing in some vast ocean of mythology ... 25 years of our life is spent into the Unknown… into Dreamtime.
We have a "linear-left-brain" that only downloads linear data and unable to decipher our other mind states. yet If we could plug into a tree we could feel holographic downloads:
the patterns of light from the sun and sky combined with the patterns of water from the roots…. and all the links to infinite life forms of the Earth and of the Cosmos.
What would that hold? - The realms of whales and dolphins are also the realm of Light and Water. More than a quarter of each day is living in this mystery… and life goes on until we pass on into other realms
What could we harvest from adventuring in this Mystery now?
Bless the world with the power of your visions, visualizations and dreams!
" You were born with ideals and dreams, ... with greatness, ... with wings, You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings, Learn to use them and fly!" -Rumi

"You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop." - Rumi

Predicting The Future ! "I do spend time trying to think about what I cannot imagine." - Nicholas Negroponte

who are we !?
Here is how , we are more than man or woman, more than American or Foreigner… in our deep Inner Peace … we are a Soul… one with Everything. ( of course that is when we dare to step beyond the linear thinking )

We are the life force power of the universe.. understand the limitation of the left brain hemisphere and the expansiveness of the right brain


" You must love in such a way , that the person you love feels free " -Thich Nhat Hanh
Same with everything we love… When I enter the most simple state of being… ( no agendas, no phone nor pressures ) ... new worlds open to me like abundant ways of living and feeling… when I can find my sacred garden - of simply living here now -
Nature helps like a key of this door to Infinity.. where a golden sunset or a simple flower can trigger the Real World to open up. And a way to the fairies, dolphins, dragons and whales kingdom… and all our unseen friends. JL

The Whales : "… We would ask for the active support in rethinking your true Source......The infinite One exists outside of Time and is not subject to time... Even the divine Mind cannot predict free will.”

“ It is clear that the Aquarian age has already begun…but it means nothing to us, or to the divine Mind. However on Earth we are moving toward reaching a climax point soon, because that is an important time for you. It is a new era.
And we are hoping to reach a critical mass then. Your planet will be surrounded by universal love and peace. We are making that our current goal.
But it depends on your free will, as a human species, whether or not that manifests. We will certainly put all our energy behind it.” "... It is important for us that you care about us and the Waters."

"… This work and play is our belief in Love. Love is the only true faith. Whether or not you believe in Whales, you must sooner or later adopt the philosophy that the only true spirituality is the presence of love, not the mindless adherence to doctrine and dogma. But the Path of Love, the active knowing that Love is God.
Our history is accessible to every one of our species, through shared karmic or genetic memory. The Way of Love is written in the very neural circuitry of our brains. The love of the Eternal Mind is ignited in you and in us when we love each other”.
© 2013-2015 Joan Ocean book
“The demon that you can swallow gives you it’s power… " Joseph Campbell


Unknown to me, I went into a Dragon's den.
Then I flew back to my home island but at night the Dragon came…It was real... and scary…
yet aspect of my mind was so amazed by this mesmerizing and awesome event … it naturally for me became a creative experience.

"..we lose the need to fear the fears as the dragon suddenly changes shape... we no longer see a shadow .. but a marvel of colours, splendors, magnificence and an integral part of our essence."
"..the dragons are alive and well, living in the recesses within, snouts steaming and wings outstretched ready to soar..."
"During this time of continued inner unrest there is an increased awareness of the ‘monsters’ within; the monster in the wardrobe lurks ominously in the corner and even though we intuitively know that fear feeds it, we still tend to do everything within our power to avoid getting too close or to face that fear head on.
"As a result, by avoiding the fear and trying instead to keep on keeping on, we create a kind of mental dungeon which stops us from feeling connected and unified with the universal whole.
"Yet, why do we fear the monsters within? Are the dragons truly something to fear or slay? Perhaps the dragons of myth and legend present us with an important lesson now and with the need to make a choice: friend or foe.
"...a kind of spiritual and mental agoraphobia preventing us from befriending the beast within?
" Contemplate the idea of letting go of the struggle; the vibration and energy of the moment changes considerably as the fear subsides, the angst fades away and the inner dungeon becomes illuminated by the radiant beams of the sun and by the glowing heart of the dragon.
If we fear the monsters, the dragons and even the leviathans, we turn them into the very thing that we resist the most: doubt, pain, angst...Yet, when we befriend the forces within, we do not give up and let the pain take over, but we lose the need to fear fear as the dragon suddenly changes shape as we no longer see a shadow lurking ominously in the darkness at the back of the wardrobe, but we can marvel at the colour, splendour and magnificence at this important and integral part of our essence.
We are now knee-deep in a time to open up the cupboard doors to let the light illuminate all of the corners, nooks and crannies within. It is important not to fight the dragon but to realise that the dragon is a part of the complete puzzle of our lives. We are the accumulation of everything we have been, everything we have done and everything we are yet to do. So, when we face the opportunity to ‘jump ship’ in order to head for a new wave of spiritual consciousness that inspires freedom within, the dragons can come along as well, for they are a part of us; always have been, always will be. We are ready now to take strength from the fear ... the strength rising up from within inspiring us to soar with the dragon... ( read more on Sarah-Jane Grace )

Lemuria's tops

The Atlantis Syndrome ( excerpt from Kyron )

I know it's controversial to many of you. How many of you were on Atlantis? As the many hands go up, I say to you, "Really" Which Atlantis were you on?" There were far more than one, dear Human. Let me ask you, "What happened there?" Then you might say, "We had this advanced society and we were terminated because we did something wrong. This stays in our Akash and we know it."

Dear ones, your societies have simply done the same thing the Greeks did, only it's a little more modern. This all comes from the Akash, believe it or not. It's a conceptual belief that consciousness is the same all over the Universe and, of course, its Human consciousness. You are really not aware of anything more intelligent than you are, so you don't have any other concept for God.
So why the Atlantis issue? Alright, I'll explain it yet again, Lemurian. You got off that large mountain of Hawaii when it started to sink. It was your home for thousands of years - the highest mountain on Earth....Do you know what Lemurians love to do and what is in their Akash to this day? Lemurians look for other islands to live on. It's in the concepts of what they have in their DNA,... Did you know that was in your Akash, old soul"
So what do you think you did next, Lemurian, after another island sank? Most of you would escape - and look for another island! The next lifetime, you would look for still another island! It's interesting, but it's extremely Human, that when bad things happen, .... The real Gaia Effect is actually a beautiful cooperation with Human consciousness! But your Akash, which is very elusive, will give you a totally different concept.So the old soul remembers Atlantis incorrectly. Atlantis is simply a generic name for any island you lived on that destroyed itself while you were on it. ... and it sticks in your conceptual DNA as one big event.As far as advanced technology, let me tell you what you "remember" as advanced technology. It's not what you have today. It's high-minded conscious thinking. That's your high tech, because on an island you can get together like you did in Lemuria and raise the vibration of the land that you're on. It's not about machinery and blinking lights. It's about a consciousness that could change physics.

The New Akashic Drivers

I now want to tell you about the new drivers of the Akash. They are compassionate action, love and finished business. These are the ones that are going to be broadcast from the old soul DNA to old soul brains.
This process will allow the Akash to speak to the brain and the innate body in higher concepts, those of compassion.
Ask a doctor if he's ever seen mind over matter. A doctor who works closely with death and dying will have amazing stories about how Human Beings can get up from their death beds when some of them decide they are worthy of being here. What do you think of spontaneous remission? This is the Human changing course.

The Results of New Consciousness and a Changing Akash
The Akash speaks to you through concepts. The new energy carries different survival drivers for the old soul. Into your brain will be delivered concepts where there is no more karma. It has been voided, we told you to drop karma, for it is not needed anymore. Go forward with Akashic energy that you create yourself for your future instead of a concept from the past.

Some of you are mystified and feel odd, because without the driver of karma you seem empty. Well, let me tell you, it's time to understand what that feeling is. It means that you control your life! It means you're not a victim of the circumstances that push and pull you around. You've dropped the old energy driver of karma and so now it's time to create!
Past lives will not have the influence that they used to and the things that you used to remember about the past are starting to recalibrate. Now you will begin to remember success, love, compassion and results that come through high thinking. Imagine a Human Being who is driven so completely by positive things that he/she will develop books and television shows and movies about positive things. Imagine how that might change what others see and feel. Imagine how the few can show something to the many, which might change the planet!

Dear ones, you are going to start remembering, not old mythology, but the reality of God. You are part of the puzzle, and you now carry the solution. You deserve to be here and the more you awaken, the longer you are going to live. Consciousness awareness of a compassionate mind will extend life. You will never see an angry God in your compassionate mindset. You will never see the mythology of a creator who has judgment. That never existed! It's a Human thought placed upon God. Gaia will become your partner on Earth, not a frightening force you have to give offerings to any more than you would a Human partner. You will fall in love with Gaia. Do you see the differences? This is the elusive Akash, which is recalibrating itself to become a lot less elusive. This pushes Human Beings into a whole other consciousness of being. Then you start realizing that the masters of the planet all had it. And so it is.- Kryon via Lee Carroll

You and the Land are the same… when you'll feel the Light and the Water flow… All become ONE and same infinite life.

Elf Sky

with this Solar Shift… the Rebooting into a higher Consciousness of new light and sounds… leading to scientific discoveries…
of frequencies revealing the world of the Elemental Kingdom

They are going to begin to accidentally find the Elemental Kingdom , all of the fairies, the gnomes, the sprites... this all strata of consciousness that vibrates in different light consciousness (that we have understood or access to in the third dimensional world prior to December 2012 )
You going to begin to have an awareness in these new technologies of frequencies and vibrations, lof ight and sounds, an awareness is that are going to allow you to access your telepathy, your clear audience, your clairvoyance, your sensory perceptions with a very full bandwidth
it is going to become the way of life as we move into these next 5-6 years some like yourselves will begin to have intentional consciousness to experience this, some assembly are required, not a gift suddenly given but….. requiring an - intention - , an attention to the intention is required.
If you move into the old patterns of fear there will be challenges, but rather say hello to this new experience, hold your balance and neutrality and treat it as an adventure … and you're going to find some remarkable rewards.
So as the Sun begins to restart itself opening up a tremendous bandwidths with more colors and sounds frequencies and lights opportunities and new experiences. You're going to find in the next few years some extraordinary adventures.
- Jim Self - MasteringAlchemy


" The whales have postulated the incredible idea that Whales can and do influence the minds of receptive people.
Whales are only mirrors of the great Mind that human cultures recognize as God. They are not divine beings, in the supernormal sense, but are mystics who intervene between the unformed cosmic unconscious and the human conscious mind.
Whales are not interested in human adoration, but are living symbols of love which they see as a pervasive energy of universal renewal, hope and peace.”
© 2013-2014 Joan Ocean book

"None of you are from Earth... You are starting to look at Mars and when you finally do get to Venus, you will discover a tremendous amount about yourselves and your history. There were six parental races that helped you to form these physical bodies of yours.
You have traveled through eons of time through many different universes to find yourself here at this moment in time and it is for a beautiful reason.
All comets, all meteors carry life... new births could happen; there are more coming. Your energy is needed on this Earth more than ever before, for this is a critical time of re-building the Earth. You are the Creators - you are more than what you think you are! "
The Group

Without judgement - Infinity works with you - to manifest potentials, and...
your perceptions, focus and intentions set up the vibrations that create your reality.

All exists at once - infinite Possibilities, infinite Life-forms, infinite Creation.

Do you know that the universe works with you and not for you? It is not possible for the Universe to give you something that you do not want or to create situations that you have not already energized in some part of your reality. The Universal energy does not create something out of nothing. It only creates that which you have already established energetic space for through your conscious or unconscious intention.

As soon as you have defined the intention, you set up the vibrations that create the reality. Understanding this is the key to manifesting everything in life because it is how everything is manifested. And whether the intention is conscious or unconscious is not important; it is all the same to the Universe, which sees you as infinitely powerful, wise and always acting within your highest good.
It is also important, at this time, for you to understand how you created what you see as difficulties in your life so that you can alter the beliefs and perceptions that are the foundation for those situations. If you do not take this step, then each new reality will reflect these beliefs, until you change them.
Miracles are not a process through which the Universe creates something that you never dreamed to be possible. The Universe does not create miracles for you—you create them for yourselves by shifting energy and allowing for different perceptions of your reality. They reflect your faith and trust, a moment when you intend a new reality into being, without fear, expectations or judgment. You can only receive that which you ask for, believe you deserve, and know exists in your field of possibilities.
As you manifest your reality remember that it is created from your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and words. Help is always available to you once you understand that the Universe works with you to create miracles in your life and problems are fixed when you understand their source (which is you), acknowledge their lessons and the information that they have for you, and are willing to create a solution that reflects a higher level of understanding and self love. -
a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

"You are whole and complete, living in multiple dimensions at once and suddenly becoming aware of it.
Your choices have led you here and that is the beauty of who you are,
where you are from... and what you step in to do."
The Group


… there will be many global events of various natures that will give you the opportunityto decide how to define these things andwhat meaning you shall put into them
these will be global collective consciousness challenges that many of have you will have the opportunity to face and redefine for yourselves in order to understand truly how to shift globally to different parallel herts
and get more and more of the reflections of the kind of parallel reality you prefer by giving more and more opportunity to assign positive meaning to many of the things that will occur.
-bashar. org, nov.-dec. 2013

… there are vast crystal caverns underground in your planet. These greatly affect your perceptions of both space and time. Stellar and cosmic events can alter these crystalline caverns under you, as above, so below
… Many of the great mysteries of the multiverse are now being revealed. When one can affirm them, one begins to see how they were right in front of them the whole time.
… It is common knowledge in quantum physics that matter changes upon observation. What is not yet well known however, is that when matter becomes aware that it is being observed, not only does it change its behavior, but it is also changes the behavior of the observer.
Meaning as you continue to make choices that raise your vibration and consciousness, your guides are also experiencing similar changes. This is fractal quantum entanglement becoming manifest
. -Sirian Archangel Hermes nov.2013

There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.' -Mahatma Gandhi

Golden Seed

"Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.
They somehow already know what you truly want to become."
-Steve Jobs

In the midst of a major convergence of energy and a Supermassive Galactic Plasma Rays… altered states of consciousness are triggered, activating production over own internal psychoactive substances on our pineal gland one of the most powerful producers of Love , such substances in the human body , the pineal gland is also hypersensitive when it comes to external magnetic fields and an excellent transmitter/receiver of cosmic signals naturally producing one particularly potent psychoactive substance originally called telepathic due to its enhancement have psychic abilities
At this point of mutation … every human being are more exposed to the Earth Magnetic Field as we look historically we find that massive global changes in what we call revitalization movements a revival movements where massive movements of new ideas often occur during periods of Magnetic activities
Time of increase in our consciousness sparked by this kind of grand celestial event could provide us with the direct cognition of the realization and hyper-real-state of Existence
-Solar Revolution


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What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. ~Plutarch

Beside the physics of separated ideas of past-present-future ( Sequential Time of the 3rd Dimension) we are now stepping on the treshold of Zero-Point-Energy ( the 4th Dimension ) the transition place because of higher frequencies where we start experiencing past and future more randomly.

A more wholistic physics based on the consciousness of the observer, on the awareness of Nature as fractals and the Infinite NOW (past-present-future occurring simultaneously and overlapping… the 5th Dimension and more) this Endless Sea of Energy

Parallel Isle

Q: "I wanna speak about what's going on in the world right now "
A: " Which world are you talking of, which parallel reality? ah ah! this crazy planet earth! yes well as we have often said the idea is that as each and every one of you recognize that you prefer a different reality, and you make the shift within yourself vibrationally you will then experience the idea of creating opportunities to create new systems and that as you create those new understandings new directions new approaches and new systems you will then have something to replace the old systems with when they start to crumble and fall away because your consciousness is no longer willing to support them so this is all you're doing, it's all parts and parcels of making a shift again it just depends on whether or not you are doing this by harboring all negative belief systemsthat are out of alignment with your truth; as to whether you experience this in a negative way or a positive way,
if you understand this shift of old things falling away is an exciting thing to have happen because it means new systems that are more in alignment with what you prefer to be are coming in because you're shifting to a parallel reality that's more representative of those new systems then the idea of watching these all systems crumble and fall away is cause for celebration.
…. again whatever vibration you create within yourself - will determine how you experience the shift.
A shift is happening , it can be experienced in a negative or a positive way depending upon the vibration of your choice and your belief systems, that is how we will address this… then add to that energy by the choices you make of how you choose to see reality.

The Pleiadians remind us that we are a part of this “New Dawning.” This new energy is birthing within our cells, and into a new consciousness. They remind us that we are here to have a human experience, to honor ourselves for our humanness, to hold ourselves in love and patience,
and to embrace the fact that we are “perfectly imperfect” in our humanness, which is precisely as we were designed to be.
~C. Day

When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness. ~Joseph Campbell
Transformation literally means going beyond your form. ~Wayne Dyer

Vortex Land

Great Changes & New Earth Timeline of 2014...many startling events in 2014, as changes occur with great speed. Things that seemed solid will suddenly crumble and fall, to be replaced by ideas and structures that are more fluid, flexible and supportive of all life on Earth.

Beloved Ones, this process of Healing and Transformation is associated with your ability to reconnect with Nature and the Elemental world. In the 19th and 20th centuries, your evolution and progress took you away from Nature and into a mechanized and technological reality. This has served your expansion into a Fifth-dimensional Global Community, but you cannot thrive if you do not return to a respectful co-existence with Nature.

... there are dreams and visions of Justice and Abundance. They will create gardens and food gardens and they will start projects to clean the waters and provide housing for all beings. You will find them wherever there are efforts to save forests and rivers, and to live in harmony with nature. You will find them working to shift technology into harmony with nature, for that is their mission. The only technology that will go forward into the NewEarth will be "clean" and sustainable technology.  ~Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.-

The Galactic Human System is designed to GROUND these energies or run them into the Earth Grids.
The Galactic Human or New Human is a Bridge between the different levels and dimensions.


This only works well when the person is grounded and can allow the energy to flow through them and into the Earth where it is absorbed and used by the Earth. When you are not well grounded, then you get what is known as "Ascension Symptoms". The intense energy cannot be grounded and it simply circulates within your energy system, activating any and all patterns that you might be holding at that level. Most common is that the energy feeds into the second and third chakras, the levels of the emotional and mental and you begin to create "old patterns". I hear many people saying "I thought I had cleared this but it came up again!". Well, yes you had cleared it but it was reactivated by the intense energy, not because it needed to be cleared again and again and again, but because this energy is intensely creative and absolutely needs to create. So if you are not creating anything new then it will simply create the old again and again.
... It simply is that with our history of 20th Century Psychology, we seem to imagine that we need to heal and process for ever. Actually, in the New Reality we need to accept that if we focus into the Present Moment....the NOW....then the past is not an issue. We don't need to recreate it again and we simply say no if we see it coming. We do have choices. But we have to be awake and aware of what we are creating in order to make those choices.

In this way we can step into the Full Power of the New Galactic Human Template and enjoy the intense creative power of the Solar Light Codes as they are received on the Earth. But we do have to make sure that the energy is not "stuck" in the emotional and mental patterns of the past and is allowed to flow into new creations and new realities.
... In the New Reality we need to be Strong and Grounded. We are Masters of Light and Solar Warriors. We have to make choices all the time and we are creating at every moment! The New Elemental energy of the "Spirit of the Forest" is seeking to work with us, to create and manifest on the Earth level, and to bring into form new creations that will carry the Imprint of Divine Creative Intelligence and the new Light Codes.
~Excerpts from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.-

The river of our time.. branches into many choices of rivers, thus we have many parallel realities and here we become a time traveler. ~JL

The Rainbow inside the Sun's waves
Into the Passion of the Horse and the higher vibrations of the Aquarian Expansiveness and Equality.

Forest Gate

A Change in the Sun’s Polarity
... it is about this change in your sun’s polarity, but the sun is not the only thing that changes polarity. Planet Earth has already changed several times as well. Why would something ever change polarity? Well, there is a simple reason, dear ones, for all of this is about balance.
This change of polarity of the sun is sending out a huge magnetic field. No, it is not strong, it is huge.... which permeates everything.
... for this new energy, and as that happens you will be learning to live in a new world. ... But this time you will feel a confidence in your heart and that is the beauty of what is taking place.
The Reunion of Light on Planet Earth
... This next 12 months beginning right now offer you the capacity to ground a new light on Earth within your being.
You have the ability of walking in a new body. This new body will not carry all of the emotional scar tissue that you have been burdened with... Now what is necessary for you to understand that every emotion you have is true... We do not consider any of these emotions to be bad or right or wrong. They are simply your reflection of who you are and what you are experiencing in that moment.
A Time of Stillness . . . Zero point
As the shift takes place and energy subtly moves ... It is the time of stillness, in preparation for the time of movement,
You have a very unusual opportunity in front of you, because when this changes direction it moves and releases your magnetic pull from the sun for a short time as it goes to zero point. When it goes to zero point,... that is a magical time of balance on planet Earth.
The biggest part about balance is the male/female energy that you have been working to balance for a very long time.
Now you have a chance to balance yourself, your own energy and the environment around you. You are basically creating an entirely new world and you have that opportunity to recognize this and choose your world around you. Yes, that is the magnetism that pulls everything from the cosmos to you.
You Are Now Set to Create Your Reality
Take a major look at your own balance of the masculine and the feminine.
It must be a balance between the two for you to move forward; everything out of balance will now show up in a new way, protruding into your world in a very intrusive way. You are the only one that can create your reality. If you balance your masculine and feminine, draw in enough masculine power and feminine creativity, accepting equally the beauty of both, then you can step into this new world smoothly.
The Zero Point Energy
While the rotation is occurring, as soon as it turns the other way you have opportunities. Most of you will think, “Something does not feel quite right today. I do not feel quite grounded.”
We tell you that this is the release; this is the zero point energy which all of you can experience over the next few months. As this starts to acclimate for you ... that is a time for action, for moving in any direction of your passion, but what does that mean?

...Dear ones, we tell you it is never about your accomplishments; it is about the direction that you choose to move. If you choose to move in the direction of your heart, then it is easy for us to magnetically put everything in the path that you choose. Yet if you are doubting yourself then it will pass you by, for that is your choice. There is a very unique opportunity to ground your own balance in the new light and energy of the new Earth, where the feminine and masculine are both honored and valued equally.
When in the field of duality everything that you saw had opposite sides, which is why humans made up the illusion of hell. You could not understand heaven without imagining the opposite of it in some way and, of course, that one has been used in all sorts of ways.
It has been a very long time that you have lived in a field of polarity, or duality as you call it. Well, that is already over because it is now the field of triality.
All it is going to take is that first step forward.
( Please do not use the same rules that you were using in the old world. Instead, go straight from the heart and align everything from it. Know that all your emotions in each moment are perfect and you never need to hide them, which is the difficult part of Earth. )
Your Color Is Part of a Large Rainbow
Dear ones, never judge yourself, for when you do... you are simply slapping god in the face. You have been entrusted to bring something huge to Earth during a very critical time of evolution...
...we need to do to acclimate to the new energy.” Then you will stop seeing the change as negative, which is the greatest challenge on Earth because of the duality and polarity that all of you have worked with for so long. You see everything as right or wrong, up or down, good or bad, and black or white. You have loved the separateness and the uniqueness of who you are, so you stand and you hold your color to the world. Well, dear ones, you are part of a large rainbow. You have always believed yourself to be separate and you are now reaching that level of existence on Earth where you are starting to see your connections. Yes, there are many of you who have taken the lead to step into what you call your Lightwork and make something happen in alignment with your heart. You are learning to step lightly and to move with the flow. It is not that you must change your destination, but you now have the ability to a new shortcut on your path.

... We tell you there are many changes still coming to Earth. Some may see these as negative, because at times it requires taking a step back first in order to step forward. You will especially notice this in the area of secrets, for there will no longer be any secrets. You are starting to see that on your televisions daily and it is a wonderful thing. You will grow tired of being fascinated with all the lies that were told to you. You will get weary of dealing with all the corruption and conspiracies. You will simply move to your heart and set something in motion. Does that mean that if it is blocked that you are unsuccessful? No, dear ones. It means moving in the direction of your heart.
There are many polarized Earth-like planets throughout what you call the universe, or shall we say the multiverse? The universe used to mean all that is, but now it simply means one section of all that is. We love the way you change this. We have spoken before about the new planets that will be found in your own solar system, and you have already found three of them and there are more coming. Is it of great importance to you? No, dear ones, it is just beautiful for you no longer need to be kept in the dark about anything.
The Speed of Love
The magic is unfolding on planet Earth, so what part are you claiming for you? Now you can. Dare to step forward and know that you have been sent to Earth with a very important message— it is still the message of your heart even if it is not in place at the right time. Do not judge yourselves, for you have been doing very well. You are moving at the speed of love which is slightly faster than the speed of light. Einstein did not even know that one.We cannot wait to see what choices you make. You are the creator beings that have been unveiled on planet Earth. Welcome Home, dear ones.
~Excerpts from ~The group - See more -

"Most people don't think that new-born children could be the Creator of their own reality,
because they are not even talking yet.
But the Universe is not responding to your language anyway.
The Universe is responding to your vibration,

and your vibration is about the way you feel."

Purple Star

Activating a New Time/Space Harmonic - When we look back on this year, I think we will recognize that something incredible just happened in the last few days. It has been a shift of a great magnitude that has opened up our Time/Space perceptions and introduced a new Harmonic to our Field of Perception.
If that sounds's because it probably is. Many of us have experienced the pure "weirdness" of the last few days, as our old perceptions about life and about Time and Space are being shifted and opened out in amazing ways.

- This is happening in what I like to call a "Song of Fire and Ice", borrowing from the popular Fantasy series of that name. The Fire is the Solar Maximum of Solar Flares that we are now experiencing. The Earth is being bombarded by wave after wave of Solar Light, as well as some Very High Frequency Galactic Super Nova shock waves. These waves of Light are bringing in waves of information, Light Codes for the New Reality, from the Sun and from the Galaxy and from the Cosmic Heart itself.
These waves of Light are a celebration of Rebirth, Renewal and Transformation. With each wave of Light we are given more DNA instructions as to how we can grow and evolve in alignment with the growth and evolution of the Cosmos. The information in our "local" Space/Time neighbourhood is received via the Solar Council and the Galactic Council, and then shared with the Earth and integrated by the Earth Councils, the Earth Keepers, the Elders and the Children.

The result of these current waves has been to break through the "old" structures of Perception and introduce a new perception of the Harmonic Flow of Time and Space. As a result, many people are having weird experiences with time, with space, and with their perception of themselves and their relationships.
For some, things that were important will suddenly cease to be so. Relationships that seemed important will suddenly stop and break. Ideas that seemed important will be discarded. Not only because you are changing, but because you are shifting frequencies. You are not in the same place you were in before. You may not even be in the same timeline or life story that you were before!

- At this moment, Humanity is breaking away from the old Newtonian/Darwinian perception of Reality, through the Einstein/Freud perception of Human Reality of the last century to the 21st century perception of Quantum Reality as a Flow of Time and Space that is Fluid and Flexible and that can be changed and recalibrated. When enough beings accept this reality it becomes the new "normal". And so it is....the old "normal" is breaking down and being replaced with Quantum Flow and Harmonic Wave experience......

Well, what does that mean. It means that nothing is fixed and solid, not even time and space, not even past and future, not even the here and now. It is all a co-creation of light and energy. When you are "in the game" as it were, you can cease to live your life as a simple "walk" down a fixed timeline accompanied by karma and fate, and shift to the concept of multiple timelines and Choice. At any given time you can make a choice that will put you on a new timeline andcreate a new future or destiny. That is the adventure of Life on Earth.
The ability to focus energy through Intention and Dreaming, and then to direct that energy manifestation down a timeline through Choice is the skill of the 21st Century Quantum Reality. And indeed, it is a skill, but one that can be easily gained. It is simply understanding that you are not "trapped" in any reality, and that Choice will enable you to phase shift Reality and create a new timeline with new experiences.

Firestorms and the basic principles of Galactic Wave Surfing - This incredible wave of dynamic Light that swept through the Galaxy and has ignited our sun has certainly created great turbulence on the Earth. In weather terms, much of the Northern Hemisphere has been under snow and ice. While this is difficult for people, it is also really good for the Light Waves, as the cooler temperature cools the Earth so that it is not overheated from the Light Waves and the big cities, already Planetary "hot spots", are not "cooked". The crystalline structure of snow is also good for the reception of Light Codes into the Earth.
So, it might help you to deal with the snow and the cold, knowing that this is helping the Earth to ground these powerfull waves of Light and Spiritual Fire.
You may also have noticed a few other many people have been ill, become psychotic, or left the planet, recently. These powerful waves of light accelerate choice and find vulnerability if you are not grounded. They also accelerate cleansing and activate healing crises, what we call "illness", and they give people an opportunity to choose to leave if they need to or if they are needed elsewhere.

The Waves of Light also activate deep Soul Purpose Codes, and you will find that after this wave has been through, you will begin to have new feelings about your Soul Purpose in the New Reality that is called New Earth.
You may also, as mentioned before, find yourself in a new "space" and a new timeline, with new people and opportunities showing up as you move forward. This may be unsettling because you will suddenly have to "let go" of things that were important. It can be disturbing and can create deep and intense anxiety, lack of sleep and paranoia if you are not grounded.

- The key to "surfing the waves" of Cosmic Light is to be grounded, let those waved move through you, and do not be surprised where you end up. There is never only one destination - there are many possibilities. In your life you may have been taught to have a "goal" and a "dream". Yes. But be aware that there can be many ways of getting to that goal and many possibilites to manifest that dream. Do not limit yourself, be open to the Flow of Energy and the waves of Light that you are directing and that will take you where you need to be if you allow the flow and allow the possibilities and the synchronicities.
This means, in reality, living your life in a grounded and organized way, being clear and present and focussed in the NOW, but still open to manifestation of Miracles and other Realities. Other Solutions. Other People and Places.

- Be calm and confident, knowing that you are in exactly the right place at the righ time. And that you are co-creating this Journey with many others both on this World and Beyond. As we evolve our perception and accept this New Reality, we will begin to see how these levels of reality work together in the process of Co-Creation and manifestation. ~Celia Fenn.-

The Purple Star Lady with Dolphins, Whales and Dragons are ... from a matrix beyond human linear thinking.
And yet when we intuitively feel from the heart... here they are! these
Gate Keepers and guides of our next journeys.
Riders of the electro-magnetic Earth fields and meridians.
The Masters of Peace, Harmony and Light are showing us how to direct Energy for new Creations, in a Forever Universe.

Purple Lady

Light Cities

Just thinking of Dolphins and Whales activate our heart's frequencies to open us more new realms and destinations ...   even way beyond the spectrum of our thoughts and our emotions.
These magnificent Beings are always embarking us and mostly expanding us into more fabulous adventures!

In this "COSMIC WEATHER" of 2014 – Plant Your Wildest Dreams!
These are Times of Demanding Change and Inventiveness.

Maintaining contact with Nature-Spirits!... even if it is only with our home's plants,  all plants are one with nearby trees nearby, so Nature-Spirits can bring in flows of healthy Earth-Energies.
Unseen to our eyes, these little Creatures are joyfully active in freeing wellness everywhere...   all they need, are untouched spots of Nature to recharge.


The Omni-Earth ... We have spoken of the amazing qualities of the Living Earth. And we tell you that no matter how you live and love upon the Earth, you gain, you expand by exploring the majesty and wisdom of Gaia. The Earth, the Omni Earth is expanding in amazing ways in the expansion called the Ascension. It is an amazing time, that will incorporate marvelous changes in your scope and perception of the realities around you, that were previously much more difficult to perceive.
. You will not marvel about the grandeur of your planet until you experience its beauty. You will marvel at the brilliance truly contained within the Earth and delight in the vast libraries of knowledge within the multi-faceted , multi-dimensional Beingness of Gaia. For the Earth also exist as anti-matter...and the Parallels of the Omni Earth are teeming with life. ~by Earth-Keeper .com

The Devic Kingdom
... And so we speak of the parallel, the concentric dimensional overlay and the realm of Etherium, matter, and antimatter, the realm of the Angelic, and the Devic.
Masters, the Ascension is not only occurring on the material Earth, but also its parallels. The alignment into the Galactic center is also causing a tremendous increase in the flow of charged ionic energy, that termed antimatter-plasma into the planetary poles.

The Parallels of Earth exist in the resonance of anti matter, and within antimatter is an enormous spectra of unimaginable energy. Since 2012, there will be an expansion of dimensional parallels that allow for much greater perception of higher frequency fields. We share with you a great Truth that may confuse some of you, and that is that the interface of the Angelic Realm to the human material realm is the antimatter field, and the antimatter plasmic composition of that field is what you term the 'Parallel or Omni Earth'.
Indeed the interfaces from your etheric body via the chakric system are in a sense focal particle accelerators that have open cones into the field of antimatter. This is something that will become known to humans within the next few generations. You often refer to antimatter as dark matter. In truth and irony, that you term dark matter actually carries greater light and holds higher frequency than physical matter.

. Only specific crysto-electromagnetic fields are capable of holding antimatter plasma, and indeed antimatter has varying layers or dimensions of intensity. Your developed Mer-Ka-Na field is indeed capable of holding this energy, and transporting you within it. And we add, that your core existence is in the realm thought of as anti-matter, indeed it is your home before entering into the duality of physical matter. ~by Earth-Keeper .com

Spiraling into NEW TIMELINES of multiple Earths and multiple Lives with Harmony. ( without the dying process )


a New Spiral... a New Timeline...
that will contribute to the Ascension of all versions of Earth into the New Reality of Peace and Balance.
Introducing new Light Codes into the Collective Consciousness of Earth. ... with great pressure to bring in new ways of thinking and living that will restore Balance to the Earth.
... Anchoring the Energy of ... Balance of Cosmic Masculine and Cosmic Feminine.
The Energy of Rebirth as a Cosmic/Galactic Human ... and there will be a focus on Compassion and Sustainable ways of living together.

"What is going on?"
- A New Reality and a new Perception of Time and Space.
You entered into a completely new relationship with Time and Space. Many of you became Rainbow Light Warriors and you began to also work with Time, with Timelines and with Quantum Jumping between Timelines. It is this new aspect of your work on Earth that is creating these deep feelings of confusion and anxiety. This is the first time that you have attempted this form of Time Perception and Creation in the Human Form. It is because you have now activated your Light Body and your Multi-Dimensional Being that you are able to access a new perception of Reality.

Now, in this new multi-dimensional reality we ask you to consider that there are, in fact, multiple versions of Earth Reality all playing out various possibilities and probabilities in the Ascension process, and that these possibilities are explored on Timelines that Spiral through Space, creating Time.
... you are Time Travelers called to take on more responsibilities for the Conscious Creation of these Timelines?
And what if we told you that the Rainbow Warrior Light Team had just made the biggest experimental "Quantum Timeline Jump" ever attempted in the Earth Reality Field.
In the past, when your Higher Self needed to move you to another Timeline, you would need to transition out of the Earth Reality through the process of "death", and then reincarnate into another body on the alternate Timeline.

Now, as you have activated your Light Body and your Pineal Gland "switching mechanisms", you are able to switch or jump Timelines with a minimum of distress.
This Timeline Shift was implemented over all Earth Timelines to shift the directional impetus of Earth evolution, from violence and control to Peace and Harmony.
This sense of anxiety and confusion will settle as you begin to appreciate the benefits of the New Timeline and its new pathway to Peace and Harmony.
Know that the Earth supports you and opens a path for you in this New Reality. Nature supports you. All is well!
Excerpts from - starchildglobal .com

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See Trailers>>

Golden Lady

Dragon Wave


Voyage to Infinity?

Yes, there is life beyond the linear time & space world that we believe daily.
The wise one called this reality illusion... it's like going into the "holodeck" of a Star Trek's episode
where we can choose from a multiple of linear time/space realities.
And now conscious of this perspective...
this journey-film-meditation offers you a glimpse into the next larger holographic realms of Existence.
( holographic being encompassing all time in all directions, all at once )

Like all of us, I came onto the planet at birth by entering a body-like vessel,
for trips scaling from 8 days up to 90 years.
( like if it was the week trip holiday of a tourist in an exotic place for the experiences and flavors of this planet )
I can't remember the specs of this cosmic game but
I do remember the expansiveness of Life before the birth into a body and a mind.
The others kids also remembered but surrendered to Earth's existing systems of the collective mind.

Blue Suns

Meanwhile when I stop thinking ( as monkey linear mind ), and breathe deeply,
I enter a time warp's depth of being present within a creative peace dimension where
everything I genuinely "Love" can happen, and it does.
In time life may seem shallow, sad, fun or important but mostly it is temporary or transitory…
while in state of "peace" our true existence is Infinity
And deep within our meditative states resides our precious gift of Intuition :
the faculty to discover the timeless beauty of "simply" living
with our higher latent potentials.

Within this state I access the generating Love's field in each little simple things of life
( maybe "appreciation" is an type of green energy )
as they are also the entry-singularity-points into vaster dimensions
also the threads participating in the construction of the supreme Big Picture.
That is... we are Light Beings ( photonic beings ) having a physical experience on this Island of Earth.
And while our fears mostly stall Evolution ...
we are creating more wonders with our Dreams, mostly generated by our Love.

Our beliefs create our world,
I changed my beliefs and I changed my world
I saw that the purpose of life is to create our own new world,
so this film is a vision that also demonstrates foremost that All There Is ... is Love and Creation.
Here I breathe deeply so I exist - Now I think deeply so I create -
and All is One everything else changes.

Somehow I stayed fascinated by these memories, visions and imaginations throughout my entire life.
These "feelings" ( larger than thoughts because charged with the energies of passion, spirit and emotion )
prompted me to leave Europe for the Pacific Islands at age 19,
perhaps for purer contact with the Power that merges the seas with the stars ...


Honey from our beehive with all the magic nectar from the flowers and vegetables that keep us healthy... a big MAHALO to Nature and our gardeners.

At our place here ...Many bees are buzzing on the flowers… their sounds and dances uplift our heart and soul.
And so, what type of magic is expanding outside the hive … beyond the sweet elixir building up inside.
What is the relationship, network and patterns between the nectar of flowers and all life around?
How does the collective unconscious of the hive effect or causes changes on the surroundings?
How can we view Life, Love and Creation from a greater Cosmic mind or mind of One?

The paradox of living on Earth is that this "Sacredness" is not only in our imagination, hearts, and illuminations,
it is also everywhere in Nature, in our gardens, our flowers, our fruits, our walks, our swims,
our relationships, and our play...

when we can consciously enter "Nothingness"
this rich void in "Inner Peace" is at once emptiness and also all that ever was and will be,
the unseen blueprints, the absolute force, this vital Energy and Timeless-Spaceless Holographic World…
All these little earthy things are Entrances into the magic of Life :

like a simple drop of water holding the secret of where we come from, who we truly are and where we are going!
... the world is within me as much as I am in this world ...
now is when & where our perception expands to realize our connection to the essence of ONE-ness !
that is a way to INFINITY!

Enjoy the show - Jean-Luc


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swim with Dolphins in Hawaii and seminars

Stargate Hawaii 1991

Oceania Australia 1985


Teleportation Hawaii 2008




About Whales . . . . Dragons. . . . . . . Swim with Dolphins: Seminars in Hawaii.