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Within our "star-nature" are our tools of Transmutation = Love focuses, balances and transforms our field of energies into wings - our trans-dimensional magnetic / electric "vessels"
"Always fascinated to experience the mystery of " INFINITY " ; the ultimate Source of a not far-distant world... an "here/now" realm and perception.. 
- Simply listening to the" MUSE " :  our pure Feminine aspect, Mirrors of our Gratitude, the INTUITION and Co-creation. The Sacred Yin Beyond cultures and genders - We are naturally linked with our innate nurturing innovative..

Deep within.. are memories of "our real life"… a timeless beauty before birth & after death.. beyond the veils of the restricted physical duality… Access this simply by Living in Harmony with NATURE. “ JL

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Breath Deep.. then beam.. like a Lighthouse

" Returning Home to Sirius, the Pleiades & Arcturus... All meant to inspire and create.
" You have a future with us, a present with us, and a past with us… when you go to the Pleiadian system, the Sirian system, the Andromedan system, and so on, because you have
a history that spans eons of time and goes back much further than the beginning of humanoid life there on planet Earth.
There is a part of you in us, a part of us in you, and you notice that the system that we come from feels like home to you. You are so much bigger and more expansive than you have previously imagined…
the truth of who you really are as galactic beings, as universal beings, and as Source Energy Beings. You can go home right now by reaching into your heartspace

and feeling for the presence of Arcturus, of the Pleiades, of Sirius. It’s all inside of you .. but you are there now, and you are meant to live in the present moment,
and in this moment you have access to so much more of your galactic self. "
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


When discovering the substances of which you are made of

When discovering the substances of which you are made of ... Your focus is an act of creation in itself so choose well.
~"You need not lament the fact that not everyone knows that humanity is ascending.
We see the perfection of where everyone is, and where everyone is choosing... but ultimately what matters most is how you are living your life, what thoughts and feelings you are experiencing and what perspectives you are taking on your life circumstances.
No need to think of anyone who is asleep as someone who is unaware. They may be at times very aware of their vibration.

There are lots of wise humans out there who are not spiritually awake. You have the advantage of being awake, and it helps you tomake peace with a lot of what is going on… it doesn’t mean that everyone else who is not awake yet, is unfortunate.
They are living the lives that are perfect for them to be living… love each and every one of them, and have compassion for each and every one of them.
Everyone is an aspect of Source. You will see more awakenings occurring in large numbers this year, and that is exciting." ~
Thymus ~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


The 5th-Dimensional Beings You Are Becoming.

SurpriseThe 5th-Dimensional Beings You Are Becoming... as you are the changemakers.
This change is occurring inside of you so that you may shift to a different reality that reflects that change to you.
Make peace with whatever does exist, and that includes your own thoughts and your own feelings. Navigate through these experiences and these choices
without developing any jaded sensibility or any judgmental nature. Even if others are asleep, they are still a part of your experience and a part of you,

and they are there to be helped by y ou not shunned by you. You will begin to feel the ascension happening within you and because of all of the choices that you make with your lovely free will.
You are also leading through the thoughts you are thinking, the ways you are feeling and vibrating,
and the beautiful fifth-dimensional beings you are becoming. -
The Andromedan ~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Gigantic Leaps are Coming for Humanity

Astral Seeds
Surprise for Humanity - When you open yourselves up to love, you open yourselves up to everything that is of a higher vibration. Your souls always choose to incarnate in all systems.
And therefore, the love coming to you from the Infinite Star System is your own soul’s love.
You are seen as relative to these other aspects of your soul. And when you fill yourself up with that love, you feel as you are your true self for the first time .
Here is Your Impact: your love and desires have given birth to new energies that then come into your awareness as inspiration, as ideas… and because you are awake, always wanting to go further,
stretching the consciousness that you have. You will feel the impact creating these new roadmaps for expansion of consciousness,
Gigantic Leaps are Coming for Humanity…
so If you wonder about the sanity of your decision to incarnate at this time, see it as the time
when you get to expand, to evolve, and to ascend like nowhere else in the universe.
Now isthe time where you get to harvest all of the fruits of your labors.
It will start getting fun as soon as you believe that it is possible to be fun given where you are right now.
So put on those rose-colored glasses, because it’s up to you.

You are the one in charge of your perspective... you are the one who gets to vibrate in harmony with those beautiful experiences that you all have available right now, as soon as you align with them.
Look for those opportunities to go with the flow .. to the higher state of consciousness, let go of everything that is holding you back from being true to your truest self, it will always be up to you
what version of planet Earth, of yourselves and of others you experience… you prefer. -
The Andromedan ~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Getting Closer to our Higher Self & Source

Your scientists know that the universe is expanding. So on that physical level this is true, but on the metaphysical level, it is something you have to feel for in order to know the truth of it… it takes a little bit of focus.
You have to take your mind off of everything else and place your conscious awareness on your heart. When you are in that space of inner peace, in that space of love, you cannot help but feel for
the expansion
that is occurring within you and all around you and in that moment you realize that you are bigger than you thought you were.
Bigger than all of your problems combined. .. you are one with Source Energy and that there is nothing to worry about. There are other exercises.. like eating your vegetables and fruit is good for you…
also connecting with Mother Nature … and taking showers that are cleansing your aura, your energy field. You can listen to music that uplifts you, spend time with an animal, or watch the sunrise or sunset.

Put yourself in that state of realization, that you are an ever-expanding being of Light who is on the earthly plane to recognize that truth about yourselves and then to live that truth.
You want to experience it, and feeling it, is the way you will feel closer to us, closer to your higher self.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more
Simply Love the little things you like... to enjoy the ride even more.


Gratitude & Appreciation: Your Tools for Creation

Gratitude & Appreciation: Your Tools for Creation... that will add an energy signature to what you have, put out and resonate.. a vibration to all of humanity and beyond.
It also places you on a different timeline, where there is more for you to appreciate and enjoy.
When you love anything, you align with your true power, with your true self, and you align with more of whatever it is that you are in love with in that moment.
You do not have to go about things the hard way. Yes, you can raise your vibration by becoming desire-less and sitting in meditation, but you came to have experiences, you came to express yourselves,
and you came for the physicality of planet Earth and your dimension.

So enjoy it all, appreciate it all,resist none of it, and see how much more you have to be grateful for.
Move forward in this life experience, a life experience that can be filled with abundance and joy.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


The Dawn that imparts your Cosmic Wisdom

What we awaken within you is universal... and who you really are is nothing short of the entire universe and then some… past lives, parallel lives, and even future selves... You are everything, all at once,
we know that it is too much for you to grasp… and so, that means going beyond the limitation of thinking of yourself as being just one of anything.

Now it is a good start to identify with your galactic origin or your twelfth-dimensional self.Consider that you are your soul and that your soul is Source. You can go anywhere
and be anything when you know that about yourself.
‘Who do I want to be today? ‘How do I want to feel today?’ ‘What do I want to create and experience today?’ Now You are meant to go beyond limitation. You have awakened to the self-imposed limitations,
and to peel them all away and just be yourself. Become the pied piper of spirituality."
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


Freeing our Light Body dna-Codes

Reality Choices
You are Creating the New 5D Earth.
There is a lot on your planet to be outraged about… but as you see the world out there as a macrocosm of you… and when you get enough of the awakened collective to focus and set their intention for something positive for humanity,
the impact is enormous. -
You are creating the New Earth first by realizing that there is a problematic society that needs changing. It is with your power that lies within, that you create these changes..
without having to topple any regimes... you see first the changes that benefit everyone. Shifting to 5D.. brings you closer to the ultimate goal of existence, which is
having the ability to tune into the energies.. and getting to experience the Expansion that occurs when you raise your vibration, little by little, and without taking the fast train to the finish line, no matter
what you may think at times to be the case. If you miss out on all of the steps, all of the experiences, all of the feelings, then you may miss out on your purpose for existing there in the first place.
You are there to have experiences, and the jollies from those experiences. It doesn’t have to look any more grandiose than that.

This journey is meant to be savored, and that is why we will always remind you to be more present.
It is only in the present moment that you can feel the little changes that are occurring inside of you ... moving closer to Source, to unconditional love, to oneness, to peace, to creativity.”
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Activating ... Surfacing as an intuitive Inner Knowing

"The human collective consciousness is growing, expanding, and evolving so much more now, people are starting to realize that they are the ones who must initiate the change.
Enough of you are changing your vibration by going within and that makes huge impacts on the collective consciousness.
What is happening outside of you needs to become irrelevant. You’re not going to let it determine how you feel and at what frequency you vibrate.
Yes, at times you cannot help but feel saddened by a situation… yet you are at the point now where you must realize that to stay in those states of being doesn’t serve you.
The movement of your own vibration to a higher frequency state is what you always have control of, and that will make the biggest impact on your world. .. with your positive and high vibration
more than anyone can with their negative vibration. Take back your higher power.

You can live in that world you want to live in, but you are not going to get to it unless you are vibrating in harmony with it, and it’s hard to vibrate in harmony with it if you keep looking at the world that’s outside.
It’s a law of the universe that you are a part of. So continue on that inward journey, because those predictions keep coming up short, as you uplift and change it through raising your vibration"
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


Interstellar you are… in Alliance with the essence of eternity

"You are there to shift before the rest of humanity, but to also be able to lower your vibration enough to still serve them is of paramount importance.
You must have access to more of your gifts and abilities and also your fifth-dimensional abilities. Yeshua walked on water; it was not to show off. It was to demonstrate what was possible.
And so, you will be the miracle-workers… used sparingly for those who are ready to awaken and who need that little nudge.

You will also be operating more as your higher selves, more with those light bodies, which will give you a different energy field..
and with the power of focus, the power of intention, the power of vibration… it’s time for you to be who you really areand to not let anything or anyone stand in the way of that."
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

The treasure chest of truths we've hidden from ourself

PeopleYou chose to take on more challenges, baggages from your past life selves and your genetic line, because you felt at the time you were up to the challenge. At times the challenges were excruciating…
yet you kept going,.. kept coming to Earth, a place where no one is trapped.
No one is forced to incarnate anywhere because of karma. You incarnate where/when you want to incarnate, in that particular place and time, because you are sovereign beings, you are Source,
and you do get to choose whether to continue a series of lifetimes in a particular location.
And with a great degree of courage and an enormous belief in yourselves and also in your guides and other helpers.
You are our ground crew there on planet Earth, and we need you in order to deliver the help.
Your inner peace leads to getting everything that you want, walking around emanating those truths, even if you don’t speak them aloud .. all are benefitting from what you are grounding in from us.
As fifth-dimensional beings who will engage in instant manifestation yourselves… all is reflecting back to you what you are vibrating.
You can activate so much within yourself in a moment of appreciation.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


Moving in New Frequency & New Dimension

New Frequency
People really want things to change there on Earth, but that requires people to be more introspective than to have the knowledge of what’s going to happen next.
By letting go of the idea of something outside of themselves to change everything... by grounding, connecting with nature, hydrating etc.. you do receive help at the appropriate timing and the appropriate levels.
Many are not ready... And you as the awakened collective have to be patient with your fellow humans. You are living your fifth-dimensional lives right now…
you are manifesting, and you are connecting to higher-dimensional groups and beings.
When you are not in alignment with something off but you are still giving your attention to it, your vibration lowers… Discern what is in vibrational harmony with you.
You have all the tools inside of youto determine for yourselves whether something is appropriate or not for you to focus upon.
Move towards that which is in harmony with your vibration ... know what to look forand what to focus upon. You are choosing.. choosing consciously and with feeling.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more

Life is a Multidimensional Journey… Breath-relax-calm

Stay Tuned… Much More is Coming - You are on a planet and in a dimension where you might feel out of place. The truth is you are there to bring a higher consciousness to the collective,
and you do that best when you are being yourself. Remember that you would never be somewhere unless it served you and others for you to be there. If you just shifted right now to the fifth dimension,
you would feel that you had abandoned billions of people, and you don’t want to have that feeling. Therefore, relax into where you are right now, and be content.
You are receiving inspired ideas and impulses... You are there to create Heaven on Earth, and to anchor in those galactic energies that you are so eager to move to.
The first step is always acceptance of what is. By being grounded, you have then the opportunity to feel more ecstasy, more bliss, more joy, more love, more excitement.... Therefore, relax into your bodies, be present,
and being as heart-centered as you can be, and opportunities will follow. Stay tuned, more is coming…. from your guides, from your higher selves.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


The Lineage of DNA - Lemurian Gifts within all Heart Vibrations + Sirius Rising

A Gigantic Leap Forward for Humanity
The significance of this gigantic leap forward is when you recognize that inner peace is more available to you now.
Any moment you have greater access to the vibration of your liking… and with something involving your sun... you are the cause of this gigantic leap forward in your spiritual evolution.

Think about how many of you there are now working for the Light and working to bring about this shift in consciousness for the entire collective...
every positive thought counts, as you are Source Energy Beings, pretending to be human.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Astrology!... with this Nodal Axis Shift

"... The level of solar activity is unprecedented certainly in our lifetimes.. couldn't sleep at all or absolutely flattened by it. Our little individual energy bodies are having to assimilate so much new information that is being brought forward from the Galaxy.
Equally because we're moving through these huge waves of photonic light information and light carries intelligence. Together they are forming a weave with our DNA to reactivate our DNA.. to remember.. to stir our DNA, enabling every cell in our body to hold more light as we move towards becoming the light body crystalline plasma.
As we can embody more light. It becomes much easier for us to receive more information from the Galaxy. Tuning into higher channels, to get more information and this is going to continue in Leaps and Bounds..
… in particular those of us who wish to are going to be making those evolutionary leaps… like a tiny Acorn encoded with a 60 feet oak tree. Or like the information in a caterpillar turning into a butterfly... For us as Humanity, encoded in our DNA was that we were meant to go through this Quantum Evolutionary Leap at this time it's encoded in our DNA... this process is right now, activated by the level of Light which we're receiving, Absorb the light pouring in through your crown chakra and really try as far as you're able because there's going to be challenges. Yes there is going to be chaos! curveballs! being knocked off our perch from time to time…
but we can bring ourselves back to that equilibrium and to that Stillness because it's the energy - changing everything it's the energy. It's carrying us Beyond because the higher we get in frequency the more we go beyond all of this… beyond the wars, the death, the poverty, the misery.
And I'm not saying to ignore people in need at all - we can be there to be compassionate, kind and loving and hopefully of practical help as well but stay in a positive state…

… Everything cascades from your inner state - you can't experience peace in your reality unless you feel it in your inner being - you can't experience love in your reality unless you embody it in your inner being, your inner State. Your inner State defines everything in your reality. So make that your focus going forwards
because that's where things become simple. Out there it's really complicated, so just keep broadcasting like a lighthouse: tune out the noise and if all gets too much just remember just shut your eyes drop into your breath. Slow and deepen your breath, drop into your heart and within seconds
not only do you feel your breath slowing and deepening, you feel your heartbeat slowing. You're reducing the amount of cortisol in your blood - you're boosting your immune system the longer you do it - the more those things happen. Do that at home for free - the more you come together in a group the more
that energy is magnified, together holding hands we make this evolutionary jump. You can rapidly change your energy state just by doing that, and how easy is that? Our evolution is encoded for these times - ancient prophecies talked about it - tune out the noise, the drama, drop into the Stillness.
The more you can love the Bliss the faster it happens."
~ Pam Gregory Astrolger ...... Read more

Weaving your Heart Frequencies... Creating higher dimensional Timelines

The Unknown & What Is Coming to You .. is exciting, as it means we will be meeting aspects of ourselves that we were unaware of previously… discovering something new about ourselves. We want to be surprised by life.
Most people have only had a glimpse of what the fifth dimension is like. And so, really we just want to start assuming that whatever is coming to us, that is unknown to us... will be better.
It certainly will be our creation, and we are evolving and becoming more than we have ever been before here on Earth.
The energies that are upon us right now are very supportive of us, creating with VIBRATION, rather than thought.

Let the universe work out all of the details that we cannot figure out or even imagine.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Changing into Your Highly Inner Best

"You are returning to the Galactic blueprint for humankind because you have unlocked within you the truth that you are Divine Beings pretending to be human beings for the purposes of experience, growth and evolution…
continue to access the codes and information that are deeply embedded in your DNA to assist you ...becoming once again the Divine selves that you truly are.
You are meant to find within you the enlightenment that Buddha, Quan Yin and St. Germain sought and found. Now, as you shift, you jump to a timeline where others are ready to shift as well,
and you get to play the role of the one who is helping them to shift. You don’t have to wonder how the rest of humanity is ever going to be ready for their ascension.

All you have to do is take care of your own alignment, your own inner peace, and as you do, you become that fifth-dimensional version of yourself that already is operating as a Divine Being of light and love.
You wanted to experience the movement from thinking of yourselves as finite, mortal beings in dense physical bodies to the experience of knowing yourselves as Divine Beings of light.
Everything else is just the way that you chose to awaken, or the way that you’re choosing to serve.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more

Truth Revealed ..Awakening our True Nature.. in this Quantum Leap Forward

"You are all meant to have different experiences for the One, for Source. That experience you have of your ascension will be one that will be unequaled in terms of all of your other experiences in all of your other lifetimes.
Jumping from the third dimension to the fourth and then the fifth in a singlephysical lifetime is the biggest leap forward. Everything that you want and need is available to you as a fifth-dimensional being.
You are meant to go beyond what your mind has the capacity to understand, and in order to do that, you must give yourself that which cannot be figured out. It is in the surrendering that you are able to take a quantum leap forward.
Leaps that come in those moments of letting go. There is a lot for you to look forward to, to experience everything that will transform you into this next and highest version of yourselves that you are always moving toward.

There is no need to wait for a solar flash, or any kind of event. You are the ones who are meant to lead the way, and doing so through your conscious awareness of who and what you are
and what you are capable of… and we are happy to nudge you along on your way.”
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more

Huge waves of Light are transferring from the stars with the records and libraries of the Cosmos.


Earth’s Repaired Grids = Healing Humanity

Earth Grids
" You are not only there to be of service; you are also there to have your own experiences. You need to be in alignment with you… then to align vibrationally with what you have asked for… for wondrous experiences.
Now you get to be the conduits of all of that beautiful healing energy that humanity needs more than ever. You get to work with the grids that have been restored.
No one is going to reject the light when you access it and spread it around like a human sprinkler system. As you find alignment with yourself, your words, your actions, and your thoughts, you align with Source,
and you align with the energies that are coming in to heal the consciousness of your collective. We also will stick around even after you have shifted your consciousness, as there will still be much to give you from that higher-dimensional plane.
In spite of all the imperfections... you are shifting, evolving, and ascending, and you always have our help.Seek to access more of the Truth Within You and you will be the version of yourself that you want to be on Earth.

You will attract everything that you want to attract... because you aligned with the Creator, the Love-Light that is the Source; All-That-Is.
And you don’t have to worry about what anyone else’s agenda is, because they don’t create your reality.. you do. "
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Astral Openings and our Inner Ships

Astral Portals
"We know that to some we seem somewhat familiar, even if unable to place where you know us from. We have a connection to everyone and when you fall asleep and travel through the astral plane,
that’s when we can connect with all who want to share their experiences with us and gain even more of our wisdom..
Whether you remember those interactions or not, you carry more galactic energy with you. We offer you downloads, activations and upgrades, as well as attunements, and some of you even remember your celestial lifetimes in dreams
that you download as you awaken. Therefore, you are already making contact with e.t.s all the time, but it is soon going to be much more conscious and while you are awake.

Never diminish what you are experiencing on Earth or what you are. Do not see it as less.. You are the ones who agreed to experience that level of density or polarity, and everyone benefits from what you are living throughout all of Source Energy.
So it is not a burden to us at all to send you energies, and to continue to love you unconditionally, which is the only way to be loved.
It is you and your soul ... this creation is a merger of the physical and the nonphysical."
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Above... the Mountains and the Stormy Seas

The universe is an extension of who you are... therefore, you don’t have to wait for the universe to tell you what to do or to decide when the timing is right for something.
Act as if it were a projection of your consciousness outward. You are the totality of this universe, and what happens in your reality.. in what you create… is the experience of yourself.
Everything and everyone is a part of you.... Everything is magic. Everything is responding to your every thought, word and action, because everything is a projection of it.
You can be a universe of peace, of trust, of love and of connection, or you can be a universe of fear, resentment, mistrust, and hate.

You can be the universe that integrates or the universe that continues ideas of separation. If you have stumbled upon this you're more likely choosing the loving, peaceful universe that is filled with joy, that is all inclusive,
and that wants to explore itself even more as you continue your expansion, your evolution, and your ascension.
Go forth and be in alignment in all three and discover just how magical you really are.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Whale Dreaming... our Shifts of Consciousness & Reality

Whale Dreaming
Which Future Are You Creating / Choosing? We are the ones who determine which timeline we are on… We are creating with energy more so than with specific thoughts.
Yet thoughts help to focus.. to align, but you don’t have to figure it all out with your limited mind. You shift your perspective.. you shift the way you are looking at things: you shift everything,
And when you are willing to look at the bright side of things you are the catalysts to bring it all about..
Universe has myriad ways to bring you realities that feel exactly like the vibration you are activating inside of you.
Activate any vibration you want to, your Free Will is about choosing how you want to feel and then putting your attention on the feeling, not the circumstance.

That’s what will put you on the timeline that contains the future experience that is a reflection of your vibration in the Now moment. Yes, you really are that powerful…
able to manifest, and sync coincidences beyond 3d imagination. And you will see all of the magical moments that you can create for yourselves and for others.
.. ~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Crystal Earth Ships - We are

Crystal Earth Ships
The main difference between the ninth-dimensional Council and the average Earthling is that we choose consciously which energies we allow to move to us and through us.
You get to choose what you focus upon, and there is so much for you to focus upon in your information age, and so you have to choose wisely.
Let go of your judgment of the darkness, if you are ever going to rise above it. All that you see outside of you.. it is all inside of you.
Ultimately you are able to love all aspects of creation because you want to be able to love all aspects of you. Focus on what is positive out there in the world and what is positive in you, because
you are also not going to get very far by constantly looking for problems within you that need fixing.

Once you embrace it all, then you can choose. Then you can realize that it was all inside of you all along, and all you had to do was, choose consciously what you wanted to amplify, what you wanted to feel more of,
and only then will you be of service to the whole of humanity… Only allowing in, that which is of the true light of who we really are as Source Energy, as unconditional love.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Sea of Change  &  Higher Dimensional Existence

Sea of Change
There is so much out there you can tune into for knowledge, spiritual guidance, and also into new versions of reality. Some are in your collective past, or in your collective future.
You are creating new realities and harmonizing with them. Everyone gets to decide which reality they want to be moving towards. You even get to decide which reality you experience right now,
because you have the power of focus. And your feelings give you some very good advice.

It's also a time when more of those members of your tribe show up in your space to co-create with you.. to remind you that you are not alone there on this journey of ascension.
By simply following your bliss, you will find yourselves coming into contact with these other humans that you have long histories with throughout the galaxy, the universe and all the dimensions within the universe.
And our energetic transmissions are like portals designed to bring you closer to Source, closer to who you really are.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


New Healing Portals Popping Up All Over

Healing Portals
New Healing Portals Are Popping Up All Over - You are there to ground in higher-frequency energies for humanity and having a physical body at this time gives you a reason to feel grounded.
There is always something about the physical reality there on Earth that you can appreciate, love, and participate in. And in so doing, you offer yourselves up as conduits for higher-frequency, nonphysical energy that is coming from the higher-dimensional planes.
So you see, even following your bliss is an act of service for not only humanity, but for this entire universe.

So you can stop looking at what is wrong with life and put the energy towards those things that truly do light you up. Live a life on Earth that contributes to the higher-frequency energies that humanity's consciousness needs so much.
Opening up to receive, makes this the perfect time for beings and collectives from all across this galaxy to deliver the healing energies you have requested.
And when a traumatic event gets the attention of everyone in the world, your energetic participation is even more of great value.
When enough of you relax into the receiving of what you have asked for, that’s when we all can deliver to you what you are a vibrational match to.

When you see tragedies your compassion amplifies what you still have yet to receive. These healing vibrations will reach you better to nourish you physically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically,
so you can move past the wounds and the hurt and move towards the future that you can create - beautiful, peaceful, harmonious world that you all desire.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more

Dream the New Earth - Allow your Hearts to guide you

New Octaves
When Dream the New Earth. Allow your Hearts to guide you. - Now is one of those times when you can absolutely help by making yourselves available to the universe, and the new octaves..
by being the conduits of light and healing energy and by holding space for all. You are there to make whole, to bring together, to integrate.
Ground these light energies into your physical bodies and down into Mother Earth, and let the wonderful energy-grids beneath your feet do the rest.

It is going to be about making room in your cells, in your chakras, and in your DNA for that light that transforms you, that light that then becomes your light body.
Open up to the light in the same way a flower opens up to receive sunlight. Feel for the transformation that you came to Earth for. You all are co-creating together.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


When the heart opens, you are going beyond...

Heart Opens
When you open the heart, you are going beyond .. into the multidimensional You, that you really are. You are sharing a part of yourself that is infinite and eternal.
What exists inside each of us is a Unique aspect of Source. Share this because of how close you are to the completion of the shift in consciousness..
bringing massive changes in the world. Those changes do begin with you; more love, more creativity, and more of Source Energy.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more
Embrace the stillness within and all the beauty already present in your life… Embrace life in its transcendental forms. Lets the real you out for everyone to experience. ~ J. Kusel


2023 & Beyond: The Galactic Age of Humanity

2023 & Beyond
2023 & Beyond: As you enter into the Galactic Age of Humanity, remember that you are creating all of this.
What you focus on expands… because you start vibrating in harmony with it.
ETs are not coming to save you. They are coming because life gets more interesting when they are involved in a way that everyone can experience them, it’s more playful.

It activates your DNA. Then you remember. All vibration, all consciousness, all creativity, all is inside of you..
it is a Journey, and as you relax you open yourself up to the realm of infinite possibilities for 2023 and beyond.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Journey to Nebula Bay

Nebula Bay
A Journey to the Bay of infinite Nebulas… We are of the galaxies, like the waves are of the oceans.
The New Earth is not a place… it is a frequency… with kindness... make it beautiful … we are the co-creators of great timelines!

in trusting the invisible dimensions in our heart... always creating all with our intentions and vibration.
Joyful Solstice & Christmas: both the opportunity to bring the Earth and Sky together, Consciousness together into One.. and becoming more of who you really are.
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Earth, Galaxy and Human Journeys… Connections in Quantum Leaps

Quantum Leap
“Be aware of your breathing. Notice how this takes attention away from your thinking and creates space.“ ~ Eckhart Tolle
Source and Infinity are very big concepts but deep within us is our next journey. As humans under the stars, we are ready to go to the next level.
Quantum Leap by quantum leap, we will be living in a reality that is our creation. Not all at once, because that will be too much, too soon and overwhelming.
We can move more naturally to the higher realms by continuously choosing love…
Love is where we are more open and receptive to the gifts of New Earth. This is something we want to play with and experience. This life is all about experiences,
and we have the free will to choose, and to manifest more now than we ever have before. So just relax, let go, and let all that we have, be most fascinating to experience.
We are transmuting ourselves, and one of the ways we do that.. is through accepting everything as it is, while choosing Being-Love in the face of everything.

"You are the one focusing. You are the one vibrating... in alignment with what you want. And when you let go of what you don’t want… you put yourself on that good feeling Timeline.
A great assignment, and you are up to it, because when we see you, we only see Who You Really Are. “
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


The New Lemuria Rising..   & our Multidimensional Life

" As we are becoming Multidimensional Galactic Beings we step into being everywhere and nowhere at the same time…
We are going into a huge paradigm transmuting time in the “Nature" of reality and the cosmos.. ( Pluto moving into Aquarius )
So go with the flow, don’t resist what is potentially the Biggest Evolutionary Upgrade of any lifetime.. a magical opportunity being given now.
You don’t have to live it in the 3 d. level.. step back and observe, keep it all simple, drop into your breathe, your heart, switch off the 3 d. news and start to discover,
to simply sit and be in stillness. The more you can anchor that Still Point the more power you have to determine and create your new higher reality"
~ Excerpts from Pam Gregory

"You are here to enable the DIVINE purpose of the UNIVERSE to unfold. That is how Important YOU ARE !" ~ Eckhart Tolle ....... Read more

Go to the reality you want.. to experience what is a match to that frequency

Like you, we are travelers through space and time in this universe. We have perspectives, but we know enough to not get too attached to these...
We love to be playful, even without physical bodies we can still feel what laughter feels like to you.
Part of growing and evolving is letting go, and when you let go, you let love… then you can let yourself become who you really are, effortlessly, because anything
that you are clinging to, there on Earth, is only holding you back and holding you down. If you can stop fighting long enough to put a smile on your faces and realize that
you are on a beautiful ride through the galaxy, then you are becoming your higher selves, beyond what you believe.
Every time you offer a vibration, you are sending out a signal to the universe, and know that the universe will bring back to you something that represents the vibration you were emanating.

You are always going to be responsible for your own vibration,regardless of what is in your life. You don’t have to take sides in order to be right; you can rise above all of it and be love.
You cannot escape the destiny of becoming more like Source, more of your True Selves. You are there to embody more of that unconditional love, because that is the way to becoming fifth dimensional; your higher selves...
which also means embracing every aspect of the true you. ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

A Mind opened to Wonders, enables Divine Universes to unfold

When you realize that all you have to do is be at peace with everything and be yourself, ascension gets so much easier and your life gets so much simpler and potentially more enjoyable.
You all didn’t create the myriad issues you have there on Earth; you all went there to fix the problems, find the solutions, and raise the consciousness so that all of humanity would be able to do so.
Therefore, you are just like us, only you are there in the flesh. You are the ground crew; we are the nonphysical support staff.
We are all in this together, and all of the problems of Earth were problems that you inherited from other parts of the galaxy.
These cosmic energies are reminding you of what it was like to be those versions of yourselves that were nonphysical. You are there to unite the galaxy, to bring Heaven to Earth and be Source in the flesh.
This shift is not about doing, it’s not about things happening outside of you, but it is about you and the vibration you offer.
~The Arcturian Council
It is time to allow the Old to go out of our minds, and embrace the New, which is still in the unfolding, and will surprise us with the forms it will take-on or in the ways it manifests - way beyond anything we could ever create
or visualize or conceptualize in the Old Earth! We are being stretched to now go beyond all which has ever been before!
~ Judith Kusel
While the mind creates a landscape of survival based on fear of lack, the Heart creates a landscape of Magic filled with creation, abundance and joy! Every need is met.
The Heart is the point where we connect with the Divine Energy, through our breathing. Each in breath and out breath aligns us with the pulsations of the Cosmic Heart when we practice Conscious Breathing.. raising our frequency so that we can align
with the waves of creative energy that are pouring in right now.It is intense! Take it easy and slowly.! This is a time of choosing Love and Celebrating the New Earth!
~ Celia Fenn ......Read more

Love is the Soul’s Composition, the Source-Godself of Every Life

You never stop expanding, and becoming more of who you really are. Understand what the shift in consciousness is, then you know that it’s not just about
a solar flash and three days of darkness. THE REAL EVENT IS you becoming more like Source Energy, and that means acknowledging that it’s all inside of you, even the beliefs that you cannot understand how anyone could even entertain.
There must be a balance between moving towards what we are all inevitably becoming and taking that time to appreciate the beautiful universe... That is doing your part to co-create.
~ Arcturian Council
Powerful codes are being activated directly in our souls now. So that you can navigate the immensity of what is about to happen… guiding you fully into the New Earth and the New Crystalline Lightbody form and existence.
Let those who wish to cling onto the old earth, play out their dramas. It is time to fully claim your cosmic citizenship and act as the Universal soul you in truth are… opening to a totally new life and beginnings.
There is so much new to explore, to marvel about, to co-create with loving intent in the new earth. Seek the highest and you will be lifted beyond the beyond. Lift your inner eyes higher so that you can truly see. ~
Judith Kusel
In their Cosmic and Galactic roles, the Whales function in Theta frequency allowing to move beyond material limitations, into fluid plasma creation and manifestation, creating holographic worlds that manifest into reality in the New Earth Time Spiral.
They assist you to hold these energies and become Cosmic Creators from Conscious Breathing and Living Between Worlds, Dimensions and Frequencies. Like the Whales and Dolphins, you will come to understand the link between
the Heart, the Lungs and the Pulsations of Cosmic and Divine Light.
~ Celia Fenn     ......Read more

The Angels of Transmutation Within - The Waters of New Life

Inner joy is one of the highest attributes of the soul, and indeed goes with gratitude, with unconditional love, contentment, inner peace and with balance and harmony.
These are all the higher attributes which uplift, inspire, and more than this becomes a way of life and living. When one can find delight and joy in even the tiniest of flowers, just breathing in fresh air,
in being alive, then you are embracing the Lightness of Being.
There is a whole Universe held in one single grain of sand, a drop of water.. as well as in one single flower.. The terrestrial reflects the celestial, as much as what is within us,
is reflected back to us by what is outside of us. ~
Judith Kusel
And so, you need to be the ones who are following that flow of expansion, who are feeling for more of yourselves emerging from within... showing the rest of humanity the way to become something more than most people
are even willing to dream about.
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

Cosmic Waves & The New Merging of the physical with the Infinite Soul

New Merging
The merging of the nonphysical and the physical is much of what this lifetime is about for all of you, as you are ascending. ~ D. Scranton
" Immense energy is being released from Lyra / Sirius.. and the new Earth crystalline energy grids are pulsating with 5th to 7th dimensional telluric energy, with the reactivated crystal pyramids,
arks and sun discs. We are in for dramatic changes on all fronts now, as all is being lifted into the higher dimensional state. Stay centered in the heart.
We are being supported through these immense changes, and are Divinely directed. Look past the seeming obvious into the invisible, for the seeming real, is illusionary.
Here is S-A. we are being immensely challenged with power cuts, as the old power stations are collapsing.
There is an immense opportunity now to get off the grid, and to start utilizing the earth's natural telluric fields, as N. Tesla was reinventing.
The energy fields are already activated. It is now up for the brilliance of the engineer Lightworkers to start using their soul genius in cocreative ways.
We are a pioneering people. Nothing is impossible. Where there is a will, there is a way and that way is to get off the old power supplies and into the new, wholelisted way of life, in the new earth.
We are asked to rise into the fullness and truth of who and what we in truth are, and utilize our innate soul genius and powers in the highest and best ways,
for the highest good of all concerned. Ego has no place in the New Golden Age.
~ Excerpts from Judith Kusel   - Read more

Our Galactic DNA - the Completion of the Shift & into the New Dreaming

So much energies of Love and Change coming that you all are bound to have a moment where you let go of angst, resistances, and all of that tension.. and open up to the waves of change.
This is a beautiful time in human history, receiving " light " and becoming who you truly are. We know that this experiment of putting so many different beings together on a planet was a long shot,
and yet, there you are.
You are not just skin and bones. You are consciousness expressing as energy.
Feel into the expansiveness of your eternal and infinite nature... it makes it easier to alter something as small as a physical body.
Feel your infinite and eternal nature… you can put yourself on an entirely different timeline with a different past and a different future.
The opening of the third eye of so many humans is what will be taking place over these next several months. The mass awakenings are just the beginning, and there is a need for more.
You have wanted to be of service for so long, and feel more connected to one another, because those who seek to separate you are continuing to put forth that agenda in a variety of ways.
It will be a reawakening, as they had the gift when they were a child, and then lost it for one reason or another.
This was a planned part of your spiritual evolution, and it was known beforehand that
there would be enough of you who are awake to rise above the polarization of humankind. Being of Source, you didn’t just pop into existence there on Earth one day. You have a history...
Everything that is out there is also inside of you… and you will begin to access more of your memories from your e.t. lifetimes…with more of the gifts and abilities that you honed while in other star systems.
This is a long journey that is meant to be savored... and you will notice that you become Timeless.
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

The Ripples of... What You Knew Before You Incarnated on Earth

Watch the Ripples of ... What You Knew Before You Incarnated on Earth.
You have been in other star systems and you have incarnated in very different bodies than the ones you have now. And you can make connections to other beings in other star systems, other dimensions, and other lifetimes...
Thus giving you a sense of who you really are, as a whole and complete being.You came to “feel" as the ones who can initiate that ripple effect throughout your human collective consciousness,
so that you could then experience what it is like to have such a huge positive impact on the entire galaxy. Love over fear. You knew that you would choose unity over separation and segregation.
Being Present in the Heart.. Choosing what resonates.. over what made logical sense. Initiate the progress, the evolution, the expansion, the growth, and ultimately, the connecting of all beings to one another…
To feel something you’ve never felt before… the jump into the next dimension. The feeling is the point, is the purpose. It is what you went to Earth to experience.

You have a history that spans eons of timeand goes back much further than the beginning of life on planet Earth.
You’re starting to piece together your own galactic history. Feel for the resonance that exists within you, with those from other parts of the galaxy. You are so much bigger and more expansive than you imagined.
You have so much to remember about yourselves. Now all is about your awakening to the truth of who you really are as galactic beings, as universal beings, and as Source Energy Beings.
Find a nice patch of Earth to connect to and ground yourself into. The Earth is such an abundant Being, and you have so much to receive from Her. ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

The New Life - Co-Creating every single breathing moment

Lion Gate
Bypass your mind … All is but a cosmic journey!... For Love is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and indeed Omniscient.
Your soul is immortal, and thus it is but on a space journey here on planet earth for one single eyewink in Eternity and Infinite Space... as the mind is finite and needs to move into higher alignment with the heart.
Currently we are in an immense upward graph peaking moment, as we are being pulled ever higher into the New Earth and the much higher fifth to seventh dimensional frequency bands.
This is unprecedented as we now literally are transported beyond anything known! When we are being pulled ever upwards and all the lower densities disintegrate increasingly, it can become very uncomfortable.
For now the old road maps, old ways of doing, being, existing are falling away, and we now need to create new ones as we step further into the unknown.
Our physical bodies have a challenging time keeping up, while our mental bodies often go into overload, as the mind is finite and needs to move into higher alignment with the heart..
directly connected to the infinite soul.. we can move in infinite space.. not bound by anything or anyone.
The emotional body is now going through intense clearing and purification, as all the old stuff which caused pain and suffering, throughout all our lifetimes including this one, affecting the great collective of humanity, is now being released.
Your soul is simultaneously existing in multiple timelines and spaces – for the physical existence on this planet is but an illusion.
Yet, every existence or manifestation of your soul in whatever form you choose, has a ripple effect on the whole
by Judith Kusel Read more

The Radiance of Stillness

The Radiance of Stillness
There is more going on there on Earth right now than what makes the headlines.. Feel into the various timelines that you have in front of you, rather than waiting for an event, a solar flash, full disclosure, free energy, or the landing of ships to bring you into a higher state of consciousness.
Whichever human collective you are experiencing … is there to reflect to you your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and vibration. Therefore, you always have the ability to change what you see out there.
You do it by shifting within you the vibration that changes which future you meet, and people. Realize that you’re looking at the mirror that you need to be looking into at that moment.

When you are at peace, you will see that reflected back to you… That is what you went to Earth for a series of incarnations to be.. to master.. offering a higher vibration in spite of everything, in spite of whatever circumstances were in the world around you.
Keep focusing inwardly. You will be so aware of what you are feeling that you will know when you need to shift that energy, to let go of that which has you in a state of stress. And you can find the love that is within you at all times. It’s always there.

You are awake enough to rise up and meet us in the beautiful space that we can co-create together, a new fifth dimension, a new way of knowing yourselves as Source Energy Beings in physical bodies.
Your power comes from your ability to choose how you are going to vibrate.If you can be love in the face of anything, then you can be in that state of full knowing that you are Source Energy, and Source Energy is everything. ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

All is possible and happening at the same time - Infinite Expansion

All Possible
Go within... find that light, that joy, that laughter, and that love, because those are the colors that you want to paint your portrait of the new Earth with.
This is the lifetime where you shift from that archaic paradigm to one where you recognize yourselves as co-creators and colleagues with the collectives that exist in the higher dimensions.
Recognize that you are not separate from them... therefore, these higher-vibrational beings could never forget you, never leave you out, or not notice when you are calling upon them.
July will be such a pivotal month for the accessing of more of your sense of your purpose in this lifetime. More of your purpose for being there, will be revealed to you.
You have been given greater access to your spiritual gifts and abilities, and you have been assisted in cleansing and clearing your lower three chakras.
Every piece in this universe has its proper place where it fits in, and sometimes you are the helper, and sometimes you are the one being helped.

We invite you to see your journeys on Earth as being about feeling into vibrations that you have yet to discover. Now, if you can remember being a child for a moment. There is so much that you have yet to feel inside of you.
You are sitting on a treasure chest, and most of you don’t even know it. When you discover what you are made of, which is literally energy that vibrates, you realize that you don’t have to take as much action.. instead use vibration to create.
Our activations are supposed to light the fire underneath you that gets you to feelwhat was always there, always waiting for you to tap into it, and now you are ready to tap in to more.
You are meant to arrive to a fifth-dimensional level of consciousnessand range of frequencies with joy in your hearts, with excitement, and with a sense of play and wonderment
~ The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

Adjust to Everything - Find Inner Peace - Create the New Earth

Inner Peace
As you continue on in this journey of expansion and ascension, now you can more easily tune in to your light body and to the 5D Earth.
The Stars Energies are nudging you in the direction of accessing your original gifts. Ask yourself what you are putting your attention on, and whether doing so causes you to raise your vibration or lower it,

that is your key in determining whether that focal point of yours is serving you. Make a point of checking in with your vibration... of your focus.
When something doesn’t feel good to you.. just take a deep breath and let it go, release that energy… Now, if you focus on something you like... stay with the essence, not the details..
how this makes you feel, notice your vibration rising up, and how it serves you.You have that ability to shift perspective... and everything will start to move faster into these higher-frequency energies. It's the choice.
You have a fifth-dimensional consciousness available to you.. think about what’s available to you, and what you allow yourself to access, like feeling hope and inner peace.
That’s what you are on Earth to do, and that’s why we keep directing you back inside of yourselves.This is what we mean when we call you the ground crew. The long wait is over.
Go within and access your 5D self. Give everyone on Earth credit for being there right now, because it is a difficult place to incarnate.. The shift in consciousness is occurring.. allow all traumas to be released in order to make it happen.

The resetting needs to occur within the individual first, and then you can experience it outside of you. Remember that you are truly the creators of this reality you experience, you are Source Energy Beings using the illusion to know yourselves
and to grow exponentially. Never has this been more possible or probable for all of you than it is right now. Realize that by releasing that which needs to be released within you, there is so much more joy to be had along the way.
You don’t always have a clear idea of what you are supposed to be doing to help. Yet, all you have to do is look around, not judge, and cut other people some slack.
See a person doing the best they can and having some good fortune come their way as simply finding joy and peace the little things in life. All is about, is vibration~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

The Extra-dimensional Realms behind the flowers and the clouds

" it is a journey that has so much more than just what is at the end of the rainbow. When you are following your bliss, it also tends to rise to the surface and it shows you all of the power and strength you have inside of you. ( your "dormant" DNA )
Go within, and then follow your bliss. Enjoy the journey. Wait for that inspiration to come, and then take the action. And of course, be patient, because again, you are meant to be enjoying the journey, not doing something to get you something else.
The truth is, the rainbow will keep moving, and there will always be another pot of gold because really this is all about returning home to Source, and it always has been,
and it always will be, no matter what timeframe you are in, there on planet Earth."
"This Is What Really Matters - Realize that what you are projecting energetically matters. You are projecting energy all the time, and it is the way in which you create your reality.
You are all becoming telepathic. You are all recognizing that you are energetic beings and at the same time you are shifting your consciousness.. finding less need for words.
As energetic beings who vibrate on purpose.. you will know what vibration you are offering. The universe, and all of us within it, respond more to your energy and your
vibration, than we do to your words or your thoughts". ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

We are the geometries of creation. Shape reshaping of One indivisible Reality

"Everyone is on Earth to serve the experience of ascension in their own way. Elevate everything, not just your vibration and your consciousness, but also your expectations for your fellow humans.
You are the Change-makers, who will decide that the path for humanity can be a smooth, easy, and joyous one, as you help others awaken with your own level of consciousness; with your ability to hold space for all of them."
"Because there is not one future, not just one Earth and one human collective. There are more than you can imagine, and you get to align with the one that feels best to you.
You are the ones choosing the destiny of yourselves as individuals. You are choosing consciously or unconsciously which version of the human collective you are going to join on its ascension journey." ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

The Keepers of the Peace + Inner Earth E.T.s as the Gateway to First Contact

"As small as one simple moment of appreciation is... it immediately elevates your vibration above the problems in 3D life and begins to open you to the delights of your physical world, all you dream and its unseen wonders.
The higher your vibe, the greater the state of flow in which you will exist. On a regular basis, they nurture you to stay in a higher vibration. And so you become those who help to keep the balance on your planet.
You become “ keepers of the peace,” Your love elevates humanity one soul at a time, above the vibration of limitation. In your love, you become a drop in the pond that ripples outward. Your appreciation and your love are needed at this time.”
~ the Angels via Ann Albers
"When the Visitors are from your own planet: looking enough like all of you there is a greater chance that you will be able to handle it. Earth-born but with no human Earthling DNA… thus softening the blow for those who were afraid,
but it would also make it easier for the skeptics to claim that it’s grand conspiracy. This will pave the way for the e.t.s who will land their ships and who have been born outside of your solar system - no one can say for certain what will happen.
This is a time where humanity could use something to shake things up, and you could use a little help from your friends and co-creators.With your willingness to let go, to forgive, and to see past the differences...
find the commonalities and come together. You have an opportunity and it is a strength. It does not make you weak... It does not make you a pushover or a doormat. It is a superpower...
This is what will get you a seat at the Galactic Table. It’s not your technology nor your intellect. It is your heart for humanity that will grant you access to All. ” ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

The ecstatic possibilities in front of humanity

The Future of Humanity & Your Best Possible Timeline… Your vibration is everything. Your vibration determines how much you are enjoying the current moment, and what you are expanding into next.
The only thing that is set in stone; is that you are ascending..that is because the entire universe, the entire multiverse, is ascending…
Feel for those impulses, nudges, intuitive hits that you are continuously getting, and follow that inner wisdom that you have.
Time for Humanity to Admit What’s Inside of You… opening the doors to the inner realm that will eventually grant you everything. It is all inside of you.
Everything that you experience comes from your own energy, the projection of your own consciousness.
The infinite and the eternal are inside of you... you have to accept it, then choose what you want to activate, you all have the ability to focus, to feel and to activate what you want to.
Everyone has a moment where they are at peace, where they relax, as they tune in to Mother Nature… where they put down their devices and observe a tree or a cloud in appreciation.

You are anchoring in these energies of fifth-dimensional crystalline energy grid - dominant grid on Earth. Your planet is your helper, she is transforming with you.
She is on this journey with humanity.. inviting you back to Center. It is not important for you to look out at the world today. Do what feels best to you to be a good steward of the world. It is possible to relax in a tense situation..
You are not there to figure out who is representing the dark and who is the light. You are there to shine your own light, and the more you let go of, the easier that is. With more of the higher-frequency energies that are coming from above…
you will pull humanity up with you into the higher realms that you are all destined to be living in. ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

Like Source, we are expanding with our Feelings, Vibration & Creative Focus

There will always be more love and more light, more expansion and more growth… because Source is infinite and always expanding. And so, of course.. you are expanding as well.
And like Source you have the ability to create, you are meant to create. That is the journey that you all signed up for, and it is the only journey that there really is... Creation.
There was a knowing inside of each of you that you would awakenand that you would receive help from the higher realms.
You’ve worked enough, and now it’s time to receive all that you’ve asked for in this and every other lifetime.
We are all intimately connected with one another. You have the illusion of separation, which has given you the opportunity to have certain experiences… this is part of your awakening process.
You just have to decide that whatever is upsetting you in the moment is doing so because it’s meant to push those buttons. You are meant to love unconditionally, to forgive and to have compassion for all others, no matter what they’ve done.
You are not meant to judge or to fear, but that has been the way of humanity for so long. Realize people out there in the world all represent aspects of you, then you can start seeing the possibilities for you.

You want to experience and feel who and what you really are viscerally. Way more than just saying that you know you are a Source Energy Being of love and light.
And actually all that the people in the world are giving you is an opportunity,but you have to accept it. Everything and everyone is Source.
You have Source Energy within you. And when you realize you have direct access, then your vibration naturally goes up, affecting the overall vibration of the collective consciousness that is humanity.
Nothing exists outside of you, your purpose is to make peace with the fact that you are all of it, all that is and as you focus, you become what you are focusing upon. ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

Part of You is Beyond Time & Space: like High Vibration Healing Ships & Portals

Vibrational Ships
Your soul can project the consciousness that it has, into many realities... giving you the opportunity to experience many different ways of knowing yourself, your fellow humans, the galaxy and the universe.
Know about frequency and vibration, then you can absolutely align with what you really want. New portals are opening up in your skies that are delivery systems for higher-frequency energies 
from all across the universe. Humanity is always being showered with high frequency, positive energies. And everyone and everything is transformed by light: by love.
With a higher frequency, it becomes harder for any being to maintain that lower frequency. It is also easier for you now to recognize when you are in a lower-vibrational moment of your existence. 
As the negativity gets louder and louder in your head or in your body, you feel your emotions more fully, and that’s what is necessary in order for you to become who you are destined to become.
The next shifts in consciousness are made in your collective. Figuring it all out was never the point of you incarnating. It was always to be transformed into who you really are at your core, and it is to let go of the idea of controlling everything, 
including the beliefs of others. Surrender to these energies, open up to them, and let yourselves blossom and bloom. 

 The survival instinct within you tells you that fight or flight are the only two options, ?but the part of you that knows you are on an ascension journey will ask you to accept. 
That’s the part of you that ask you to forgive, that encourages unconditional love.  You are now to do more than just survive. You are there now to become your higher selves.
 And the experience of growing through adversity is much more fulfilling than having everything that you want all the time. When you ask the universe for peace and harmony, it is automatically created, 
and then those realities that you have created start calling you towards them, and closer to you.?You become more in alignment with what you say and what you want. 
In alignment .. the universe delivers. Because you are creators, but you are not always manifestors. 
The manifestation part is where you have to be more conscious about what you’re doing. You have to align, you have to allow, to keep putting your focus on what you have told the universe you want. 
As you do this, you vibrate in harmony with what you want, and since there is no separation between you and this universe, it is quite easy for you to find yourself experiencing what you want.
As you consider peace on Earth… this is all you need to allow yourselves the natural raising of your vibration.. you are Source Energy Beings on an ascension path. 
There is nowhere for you to go but up into higher and higher frequencies. ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

Appreciation to Cosmic Coincidences with Possibilities - All is Vibration

In all your ways of appreciating where you are.. you expand more into the present moment... this is the time to attain a level of mastery over the physical realmthat will give you the feeling of ascending to 5D,
while still remaining in the fourth dimension as healers and guides to the rest of humanity. - You exist within a realm of infinite possibilities ...
Open to the changes coming that is best for all, and you don’t have to know the specifics. Focus on the feelings, not the details, and you will get there much sooner.. It is about breaking free from the old and allowing the new to come in.
Realize that when you take new approaches in your life, you can change everything. As you tell the universe that you are open to seeing things in a new way and to having
all possibilities available to you, then the universe responds accordingly, and always does. As you are the orchestrator, you are the creator, decide consciously that you are open towhat is new and unimaginable; and that is what you will experience.
Once you recognize that you have reincarnated many times on this planet and in other parts of the galaxy.. what you’ve already done and what you’ve already been. This desire to know…
It’s about how the story makes you feel, and how the recovered memory is serving you. .. for the purpose of helping you to expand and evolve your consciousness.
Keep shining your light, unafraid to be different from everyone else, especially with your families. It is perfectly fine for you to let go and let everyone else live out the drama they are choosing to live out..
while you live happily ever after and continue to send the invitations to the rest of humanity with your joy, your peace, your love and your creativity.

The way that you can contribute all day, every day is with your vibration.. to keep your vibration high by focusing on the things that put you in a higher-vibrational state.
You don’t always want to be looking outside to help solve problems. Look within, for your ability to heal and to forgive. You hold the keys, always.
This is not the world you experience, but rather, a world that you hear about. And the people making the stories know this. They know how to grab your attention and how to keep it.
That is why it is so important to let your experience be your truth, your reality… don’t go looking for someone else’s truth in order to make it your own.
Live your truth, shine your light, and know that you are there to help and that you help more by being of a high vibration. ~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

These Cosmic Energies and Our Galactic DNA - Our Light > Soul > Intuition > Freedom > Creativity

"You've got survival and you've got intuition - the human body is designed to heal itself, through combining two things: the human brain and the intuitive self.
Your body has a quantum attribute that is enormous and you've never used it, and by marrying with the intuitive part, it is reawakening this little organ… the pineal
this Pineal is Quantum and bigger than you can think… it is the Portal… your Portal."
~ Kryon by Lee Carroll
"It’s easy when you let go of the mental processing, and instead you let yourself feel into what is happening and do the emotional processing and the vibrational activation that you want to experience.
Much is energetically deposited into your fields, as you give attention to what you are receiving. This is a dynamic process that your higher selves is calling for, no matter what you are able to perceive,
you are getting so much more on the energetic level than your minds could possibly imagine. This is also true as it relates to your environment. Everything that is in your life and not in your life was carefully selected to give you
the greatest possibility of growth and evolution.
So you, as your higher self, are delivering to your ego exactly what you need, to get you to go further with your spiritual evolution.
We invite you to accept the idea that there is so much more that you could be receiving by thinking less and feeling more, that is exploring what else you might be receiving.
As you open up to the higher-frequency energies... you can expect more immediate downloads when you are asking for them, and when you are open in your hearts to receiving them.
You are making room in your chakras by letting go of what no longer serves you. Keep embracing, surrendering, and being willing to feel everything that comes up for you,
and you will continue to be the most powerful conduits of energy that Earth has ever seen, and simply ask for it then.. relax and receive it.. Live and let live."~
The Arcturians by Daniel Scranton Read more

Source will always be INFINITE and expanding at the same time

the Bringers
Source will always be INFINITE and expanding at the same time, which is another concept that boggles the minds... and opens the hearts.
Your feelings and intuitions are guiding you towards the truths that serve you the most, rather than the truths that validate your pre-existing beliefs.
When you get enough of the awakened collective to focus on something positive,something that is wanted for humanity, then you really have accessed your power.
No matter how small is the group with your set intention, the impact is enormous.You are creating the fifth-dimensional Earth, the New Earth.
You are creating it first by realizing that there is a problematic society that needs changing. There are systems that are flawed.
You recognize what the problems are, and then initially, you do resist them, and that’s okay. That shows that your desires for change are strong, and those things help in the creation of the new.
But eventually, you stop resisting, and you remember that the power lies within you to create these changes. You do it through your positive energy, through your alignment with Source.

You might be surprised to hear this, but Source is not resisting anything.
Then choose alignment with your true power and all of your cohorts there in the physical realm that want to see the same changes that you do: changes that benefit everyone.
You and everyone around you is Source Energy.. and you have cracked the code. ~
The Arcturians Daniel Scranton Read more

The New Energies Right Now -  Parallel Universes & You

Light Givers
Once in a while there on Earth, you can experience a piece of heavenly bliss, where you feel that you are in fact in your version of Heaven, so put yourself there as often as possible.
In this frequency, you are literally bringing Heaven to Earth. Making it more available to everyone because you're grounding those higher-frequency energies into your body, your planet, your grid system.
Showing others there are other options available to them. Bringing Heaven to Earth is the Real Goal.
Everything is a projection of our consciousness, and we get to decide what it is we are projecting. That’s your free will.. being free to offer whatever vibration you choose to offer.
By embracing our good feelings we access those versions of ourselves that exist in parallel universes: Imagination and emotions of these versions of us that simultaneously exists in a parallel universe.
We become more of our higher self because of our awareness of these other versions, playing out different scenarios and stories in those parallel universes. Like putting the pieces of the puzzle together
to become our fifth-dimensional selves. The veil is thinning between these universes and will continue to do so. So when you explore these different selves, you are practicing and becoming more of who you really are.

You’ve been able to access much more of your akashic records as individuals and as a collective... awakening aspects of yourselves that have been lying dormant for long time. Now experiencing a greater influx of energy
realizing that you can feel telepathically the energy and the consciousness of all other human and all lives. You will also feel that you are helping other people who are isolated or lonely
The universe is expanding all the time, and that to keep up with it, you sometimes have to surrender. Not everything is meant to be known intellectually. What we are all here to do is
to experience Source, an experience that you get more of when you let go.. then you open so many doorways to so many different realities and experiences.
The Arcturians Daniel Scranton Read more

We Are All Source Energy Beings exploring Oneness to Bring New Creations

"Your ability to feel an emotion and to create a new reality, are strengths that are marveled at by so many other beings throughout the Galaxy.
... by imagining yourselves living exactly what you want to be living, finding the emotion within yourselves, and then surrendering to the process of creation.
Let go of the need to know how and when.The Release is when the creativity sprouts within you. That’s when you become your fifth dimensional selves, creating somethingthat is beyond the imagination of most.
And it is one of the ways that we have been reaching out to you is in those moments: when you are communicating with your pets or some other nature beings.. that is when you are relaxed and when telepathically we can reach you.
" You are there to create, you get to do this because you are free; this is free will. You can change everything by being willing to examine yourself and what it is that you are consistently putting out to the universe as a signal.
Keep looking at yourself and asking yourself how you can add more of thatwhich is positive, uplifting and higher vibrational to the collective consciousness.
This is not a time when everything is just going to be done for you. It is a time, when you will be given more tools to do it all yourselves. And that’s what you came to Earth to do and experience, and now more than ever, comes everything that you need."

"You are tapping in to the human collective consciousness more often than you think. Your thoughts do not originate in your head. You receive them, just like you receive all energies, and when you see yourself all one;
you are picking up on something that is going on within your human collective and the consciousness you all share… Sometimes your role is just to work with the energies that are around. By holding a kind space for the collective consciousness to heal.
There is suffering that is going on, and you, being a part of this collective,are affected by that suffering. So start by helping yourself to feel more stable, more peaceful, more at ease.
You have to activate the vibration you want to see outside of you, and then you can start to think how to be of service to this collective consciousnessthat you All share."
“ What you can lend to humanity to raise the vibration will always be something that you first tune in to yourself and then spread. So you can tune in to victimhood, feeling that you are being manipulated,
oppressed etc.. or you can tune in to the power that you have within you to transform yourself and to spread that energy of empowerment around to others, so that everyone in your collective can be at peace, at ease, and live lives of joy, freedom, excitement and love.
And when enough of you see that as your focus, then you can change so much without even leaving your room."
The Arcturians Daniel Scranton Read more

The Flowers of Guidance

Flowers of Guidance
Your Sixth Sense comes from your guides, who have been with you since the day you were born. It comes from your higher self. It comes from the universe. Feel, see the signs. Be present. Be aware.
And if you get nothing, then just trust your inner knowing. Ask yourself if you really feel like this is appropriate for you, not whether it’s right or wrong. You’re on a journey, taking steps that are appropriate or not so appropriate,
given the final destination that you are headed towards, which is of course the fifth dimension. Listen to that guidance you are getting from within you and you will have the most joyous easy journey possible.
Awakening within you.. are pathways to new realities, new timelines, new experiences, new energies.. in the validity of these new aspects of life on Earth. See it as a ride like none other.
You have the ability to choose and to resonate in harmony with the better experiences, better versions of yourselves. You do get there with help; there’s always help. Everyone has help all the time, and then receiving help, you become a stabilizing force for humanity,
then you know that humanity is going to make it, and that this shift in consciousness is inevitable. It’s the ride you signed up for, so you might as well play it consciously, and you might as well have fun doing it.

If You Want Open Contact With E.T.s .. the personal e.t. encounters that you will have, are with beings that are other aspects of you. Be in contact with your self, your thoughts, your feelings, your vibration,
and the things you know with your own heart with your vibrational signature. Live and let live. Let others be where they are; let them think what they think, and decide to continue to be love, which is who and what you really are.
No one can exist outside of All-That-Is. Be willing to change because you’re there to change the world, and know that your flexibility serves you so much more than being adamant about anything that you believe is true, especially when that belief makes someone else wrong.
Everyone is having a different experience on Earth, because that is what’s necessary in order for Source to benefit from all of this and to expand. You are there as Source, pretending to have a human experience, to feel human emotions, adding to that which is You. Learn to make peace with
those differences, instead of defining yourselves by them - it’s the mind that does this, rather go into your hearts and feel the feelings that connect and bind you all together as one human family. The next step is recognizing the Divinity in all of your fellow humans and all beings throughout the universe.
The ninth dimension is not out there. The ninth dimension is within you, as are all dimensions ( Source / All-That-Is ) It is the path of letting go that gets you to the fifth dimension with the greatest amount of ease and joy.

Let go, embrace the world outside of you as it is.. for all of the opportunities it gives you to become more of who you are. You are The Creator; this is not a game of separation but of integration.
The Sooner You Realize This, the Sooner You Ascend. ~
The Arcturians Daniel Scranton Read more


It’s our Immensity of Being!

Water Lights
From the depths of the oceans... we are bubbles of Light rising. Slowly or fast… Going within…in this inner sovereign space.. beyond judgements… that set us free!
It’s our Immensity of Being!
We incarnated for Creating Heaven on Earth… each one with a simple but unique skill to offer. Combined with the Universe’s Law of Attraction. It’s about matching our vibration to the New Earth.

Earth Day

All events occur on multiple levels of reality….and there is always a Higher Plan!


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