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Within our "star-nature" are our tools of Transmutation = Love focuses, balances and transforms our field of energies into wings - our trans-dimensional magnetic / electric "vessels"
"Always fascinated to experience the mystery of " INFINITY " ; the ultimate Source of a not far-distant world... an "here/now" realm and perception.. 
- Simply listening to the" MUSE " :  our pure Feminine aspect, Mirrors of our Gratitude, the INTUITION and Co-creation. The Sacred Yin Beyond cultures and genders - We are naturally linked with our innate nurturing innovative..

Deep within.. are memories of "our real life"… a timeless beauty before birth & after death.. beyond the veils of the restricted physical duality… Access this simply by Living in Harmony with NATURE. “ JL

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The Shift... into creative Heart-Vibration

Heart Vibe
The energies coming in from your sun are to upgrade and activateyour solar plexus chakras.
You are going through a shift in your personal identities... accessing your sense of self and your self-confidence from entirely different aspects of who you are than you previously have been.
And exchanging your old sense of self for your new sense of self, as you become more aware of yourselves as multidimensional beings of light and love.
You are Source Energy Beings in the flesh. You are infinite and eternal… and the only question is whether you will enjoy it or not.
Those who are clinging to the old ways that include the old ways of knowing the self will be struggling a bit. It is important to let go.

It is a universal ascension, and Earth is at the very heart of it . You have taken on so much, and you are ready to let go of that which is no longer serving you... you are making a giant leap forward in this month of July 2024.
We are happy to guide you through the experience... to put the light on your own potentials.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Creating Ripples.. in & beyond Space-Time

You are becoming what you focus upon. You may feel that you need to be more informed so that you can know where to send the healing.
But what you need to be informed of will make its way to you. Use your free will to decide... recognize that you are receivingwhat it is that you have been focusing upon in your reality, and empower yourselves by
reminding yourselves that you can change your point of focus at any time. What you can always do is feel for the resonance, the relief, the expansion,
and the joy that comes to you when you are focusing on something that is higher vibrational and when you are focusing on something that you do want to experience more of.

Enjoy the process of experiencing yourself becoming that which you are focusing upon, and you will enjoy the ride. Like ripples across a pond, you know that your intentions matter.
The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


Rising, Integrating and Expanding

Rising, Integrating and Expanding ... Where We are All Going Together - Make peace with the current moment, with your current reality, personal and global one.
Being at peace is a step closer to Source. See peace in all areas, all countries, all continents, and you can start to see peace when you can make peace with everything as it is right now.
There is a lot of momentum carrying us to the next level, to the next octave, the next experience.
Enjoy the ride on the waves of the expansion… by going with the flow, and acceptance are so important... yes, you still do get to create your reality, and you are so much more effective as creators of your reality
when you are not in resistance.

You are there to integrate, and to see everyone and everything as part of one Whole Being. That being is Source, and when you are loving as Source, you are able to see everything as Source…
Your ascension is assured, you still are deciding how you are going to do it.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Let the sunshine in... on our galactic essence & State of Being

Notice that by focusing on the most positive future timelines for humanity is that they expand and grow to include more positive experiences
We are co-creating these positive futures with all of you who are focused onthe best possible timelines for humanity.
You are, right now, choosing which version of the future you are aligning with, and you are doing so with the vibration you are offering right now.
There is not one future, and every future is malleable. Every future can contain more magical experiences of joy and delight. They expand with your focus upon them
to contain more of those absolutely mind-blowing, heart-opening experiences that you all want to have.
Use your discernment, determine whether you want to add more energy to a negative timeline, and the only way to do that is to tune in to how you are feeling when you see someone
predicting food shortages, world wars, financial collapse and everything else that some people are just convinced must happen in order for humanity to grow
You can grow through pain and suffering, but they are not prerequisites to growth. You expand more through focusing on your heart, the love that you are, the Source Energy Being that you are and that everyone else is,
you are all riding this wave of expansion, love, joy, freedom, creativity, abundance,and everything else you want to experience. Use the power of your focus to create realities
and to put more energy towards what you want to experience.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

A Walk in Nature, a Meditation, a Love feeling... Interstellar steps

Creating the Life You Want - You can tell what you have been vibrating by the unique circumstances of your life experience in any given moment.
One of the ways that you can turn it around is by changing the way you feel about yourcurrent life circumstances… begin to vibrate at a higher frequency simply by looking at the world around you from a different perspective, through a different lens.
Don’t give up, you will experience the changes that you want to see in the outside world. You change you, and everything outside of you. It is just that simple.
‘Why Source would have made something of Itself in such a way. What would be the purpose?’ The purpose is to give you the opportunity to be your real self, your whole self, in spite of those circumstances.

And if you don’t think you can.. then walk away from the subject and go door see something, that will raise your vibration.
These challenges will make you more of who you really are when you face them.
~ The 12D Creators .. Read more


The Chrysalis & morphosis of our Lives

New timelines are created when you get imaginative. When you go beyond the beliefs of those around you and those who have come before you.
Many of you are wondering when ships will land all across the planet, and you think that these decisions are being made outside of you, but you get to decide when that happens.
..or decide when humanity has access to free energy. You are the ones focusing. You are the ones vibrating.
You are the ones thinking, feeling, acting, speaking, and as you remain in alignment with what you do want, and let go of what you don’t want, then you put yourself on that best feeling timeline for you.
But if you look around and say, ‘These other humans aren’t ready’ then you stay stuck on that timeline. It is up to you. Think better of your fellow humans.
Rather than focusing on your flaws and your foibles, focus on how far you’ve come, how much potential there is within each and every one of you, and focus on the love that you are
and the love that exists in every other human being. And while you’re at it, focus on the truth that all beings throughout the galaxy are love. They are Source Energy.

And sure, many of them have acted in ways that are much less than what you would expect from a Source Energy Being, but that just means you get to have the experience of forgiving them.
You get to see the best in every being. You are all going home to Source; you are all there to remember who you really are.
Don’t fall into that trap of seeing yourselves as small, insignificant. The world is what you make of it. Choose the best timeline for yourself right now by being conscious about the fact that you are choosing
and that the timeline that will feel best to you does exist.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


A Eclipse to nudge you into a Higher-Vibrational State

You can take advantage of an eclipse, a full moon, an equinox, a solstice, or any other event by tuning in more to the energies that are always helping you grow and expand.
You don’t have to wait until something big happen in order to experience your spiritual up-leveling of self.
You are always progressing with each and every breath…understand that your evolution does not have to involve pain and suffering, just as it doesn’t have to involve chaos and cataclysmic events.
No next prediction needed to tell you that now it is time for you to go to the next level ofyour consciousness.
You can grow spiritually because that’s what you want to do. And again, no one can stop you, nor waiting for anything or anyone.
Ultimately, you will determine what your experience of that event will be for you. You will have to decide for yourself what you want to make it about for you.
You can grow in leaps and bounds throughout April, especially if you are aware of the opportunities to go to the next level of your consciousness.
You will be continuously nudged towards the thoughts and the behaviors that will bring you into a higher-vibrational state, and anything that is taking you in the opposite direction will stick out more like a sore thumb to you.
You are more likely to detect a thought that doesn’t serve you because you are so accustomed to moving in the right direction now.
Continue to become more and more aware of when you are moving towards your fifth-dimensional higher self.
You will also be able to make giant steps forward in projects or goals that you have set for yourselves. You’re going to get the nudges from your guides, the faerie realm, your higher selves, for the muses are around,
and they are in fact a joyous group who want to co-create with you.. with inspiring thoughts and ideas that you can and want to act upon.
April is a month for you to expect great things. Now you can open up more and you can see yourselves more moving in the direction that you truly want to go in this lifetime of ascension.
The 12D Creators Read more


Connecting Holographic & Parallel Space-Time Realms

The Spring Energies 2024 are giving the opportunity to refresh the timeline that you are on before jumping to the new one that is more to your liking.
A timeline is nothing more than a series of realities strung together with logical cause and effect. You are the one who decides what you are vibrating, whether you know you are doing it or not.
You determine which timeline you are on. And because so many of you want to have such a positive impact on your world, you are being given the opportunity to restart before shifting away from it.
Relax, know that you are one giant receptor at this time.
Choose a timeline with more peace, more prosperity, more fairness, with all of the ways for living a life of joy and freedom… letting go of your past holding you back, including past lives, ancestors and karma.
Know that you are supposed to use these energies in whatever way you want to use them.
There is a version of the human collective on every timeline. You can jump timelines... Peace on Earth, or an experience like a mass landing.. you can have at any time.
So you go to a different reality.. already a collective vibrating at that same frequency to have that global experience with you.
There are infinite numbers of timelines to choose from, and you don’t have to wait for everyone else to be ready for the timeline you want to experience.

Tell the universe, your guides, your higher self... then match, align those words with your vibration. Don’t feel bad about leaving your old timeline behind and the human collective.. because you can renew, refresh, and restart that timeline as you are leaving.
Your intentions are so powerful, and when you hold the intention to not abandon anyone, then that will be your experience. Another aspect of your soul will still be there on that timeline helping.
You are adding something to the collective consciousness… all will benefit as all can tap in to that template.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


From Source… To Source… Am here now Source

"You are meant to thrive because you exist, and when you can acknowledge that you exist in an abundant universe that is infinite and ever expanding, then it becomes easier for you to let go of what you were taught.
Merge more with your non-physical self... you are letting go of old patterns, old beliefs that say that you need to be keeping very busy all the timein order to just survive.
You have now a lot more ease in sharing what is deep inside of you, and you have so much support from the nonphysical.

You don’t expand consciousness by working harder.. You are there to expand consciousness, and you must start with your own... what is inside of you is far more valuable than anything.
The inward journey towards your own creativity and your non-physical self is what will propel you into the fifth dimension." ~
The 12D Creators ~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Breath Deep.. then beam.. like a Lighthouse

" Returning Home to Sirius, the Pleiades & Arcturus... All meant to inspire and create.
" You have a future with us, a present with us, and a past with us… when you go to the Pleiadian system, the Sirian system, the Andromedan system, and so on, because you have
a history that spans eons of time and goes back much further than the beginning of humanoid life there on planet Earth.
There is a part of you in us, a part of us in you, and you notice that the system that we come from feels like home to you. You are so much bigger and more expansive than you have previously imagined…
the truth of who you really are as galactic beings, as universal beings, and as Source Energy Beings. You can go home right now by reaching into your heartspace

and feeling for the presence of Arcturus, of the Pleiades, of Sirius. It’s all inside of you .. but you are there now, and you are meant to live in the present moment,
and in this moment you have access to so much more of your galactic self. "
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


When discovering the substances of which you are made of

When discovering the substances of which you are made of ... Your focus is an act of creation in itself so choose well.
~"You need not lament the fact that not everyone knows that humanity is ascending.
We see the perfection of where everyone is, and where everyone is choosing... but ultimately what matters most is how you are living your life, what thoughts and feelings you are experiencing and what perspectives you are taking on your life circumstances.
No need to think of anyone who is asleep as someone who is unaware. They may be at times very aware of their vibration.

There are lots of wise humans out there who are not spiritually awake. You have the advantage of being awake, and it helps you tomake peace with a lot of what is going on… it doesn’t mean that everyone else who is not awake yet, is unfortunate.
They are living the lives that are perfect for them to be living… love each and every one of them, and have compassion for each and every one of them.
Everyone is an aspect of Source. You will see more awakenings occurring in large numbers this year, and that is exciting." ~
Thymus ~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


The 5th-Dimensional Beings You Are Becoming.

SurpriseThe 5th-Dimensional Beings You Are Becoming... as you are the changemakers.
This change is occurring inside of you so that you may shift to a different reality that reflects that change to you.
Make peace with whatever does exist, and that includes your own thoughts and your own feelings. Navigate through these experiences and these choices
without developing any jaded sensibility or any judgmental nature. Even if others are asleep, they are still a part of your experience and a part of you,

and they are there to be helped by y ou not shunned by you. You will begin to feel the ascension happening within you and because of all of the choices that you make with your lovely free will.
You are also leading through the thoughts you are thinking, the ways you are feeling and vibrating,
and the beautiful fifth-dimensional beings you are becoming. -
The Andromedan ~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Gigantic Leaps are Coming for Humanity

Astral Seeds
Surprise for Humanity - When you open yourselves up to love, you open yourselves up to everything that is of a higher vibration. Your souls always choose to incarnate in all systems.
And therefore, the love coming to you from the Infinite Star System is your own soul’s love.
You are seen as relative to these other aspects of your soul. And when you fill yourself up with that love, you feel as you are your true self for the first time .
Here is Your Impact: your love and desires have given birth to new energies that then come into your awareness as inspiration, as ideas… and because you are awake, always wanting to go further,
stretching the consciousness that you have. You will feel the impact creating these new roadmaps for expansion of consciousness,
Gigantic Leaps are Coming for Humanity…
so If you wonder about the sanity of your decision to incarnate at this time, see it as the time
when you get to expand, to evolve, and to ascend like nowhere else in the universe.
Now isthe time where you get to harvest all of the fruits of your labors.
It will start getting fun as soon as you believe that it is possible to be fun given where you are right now.
So put on those rose-colored glasses, because it’s up to you.

You are the one in charge of your perspective... you are the one who gets to vibrate in harmony with those beautiful experiences that you all have available right now, as soon as you align with them.
Look for those opportunities to go with the flow .. to the higher state of consciousness, let go of everything that is holding you back from being true to your truest self, it will always be up to you
what version of planet Earth, of yourselves and of others you experience… you prefer. -
The Andromedan ~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Getting Closer to our Higher Self & Source

Your scientists know that the universe is expanding. So on that physical level this is true, but on the metaphysical level, it is something you have to feel for in order to know the truth of it… it takes a little bit of focus.
You have to take your mind off of everything else and place your conscious awareness on your heart. When you are in that space of inner peace, in that space of love, you cannot help but feel for
the expansion
that is occurring within you and all around you and in that moment you realize that you are bigger than you thought you were.
Bigger than all of your problems combined. .. you are one with Source Energy and that there is nothing to worry about. There are other exercises.. like eating your vegetables and fruit is good for you…
also connecting with Mother Nature … and taking showers that are cleansing your aura, your energy field. You can listen to music that uplifts you, spend time with an animal, or watch the sunrise or sunset.

Put yourself in that state of realization, that you are an ever-expanding being of Light who is on the earthly plane to recognize that truth about yourselves and then to live that truth.
You want to experience it, and feeling it, is the way you will feel closer to us, closer to your higher self.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more
Simply Love the little things you like... to enjoy the ride even more.


Gratitude & Appreciation: Your Tools for Creation

Gratitude & Appreciation: Your Tools for Creation... that will add an energy signature to what you have, put out and resonate.. a vibration to all of humanity and beyond.
It also places you on a different timeline, where there is more for you to appreciate and enjoy.
When you love anything, you align with your true power, with your true self, and you align with more of whatever it is that you are in love with in that moment.
You do not have to go about things the hard way. Yes, you can raise your vibration by becoming desire-less and sitting in meditation, but you came to have experiences, you came to express yourselves,
and you came for the physicality of planet Earth and your dimension.

So enjoy it all, appreciate it all,resist none of it, and see how much more you have to be grateful for.
Move forward in this life experience, a life experience that can be filled with abundance and joy.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


The Dawn that imparts your Cosmic Wisdom

What we awaken within you is universal... and who you really are is nothing short of the entire universe and then some… past lives, parallel lives, and even future selves... You are everything, all at once,
we know that it is too much for you to grasp… and so, that means going beyond the limitation of thinking of yourself as being just one of anything.

Now it is a good start to identify with your galactic origin or your twelfth-dimensional self.Consider that you are your soul and that your soul is Source. You can go anywhere
and be anything when you know that about yourself.
‘Who do I want to be today? ‘How do I want to feel today?’ ‘What do I want to create and experience today?’ Now You are meant to go beyond limitation. You have awakened to the self-imposed limitations,
and to peel them all away and just be yourself. Become the pied piper of spirituality."
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


Freeing our Light Body dna-Codes

Reality Choices
You are Creating the New 5D Earth.
There is a lot on your planet to be outraged about… but as you see the world out there as a macrocosm of you… and when you get enough of the awakened collective to focus and set their intention for something positive for humanity,
the impact is enormous. -
You are creating the New Earth first by realizing that there is a problematic society that needs changing. It is with your power that lies within, that you create these changes..
without having to topple any regimes... you see first the changes that benefit everyone. Shifting to 5D.. brings you closer to the ultimate goal of existence, which is
having the ability to tune into the energies.. and getting to experience the Expansion that occurs when you raise your vibration, little by little, and without taking the fast train to the finish line, no matter
what you may think at times to be the case. If you miss out on all of the steps, all of the experiences, all of the feelings, then you may miss out on your purpose for existing there in the first place.
You are there to have experiences, and the jollies from those experiences. It doesn’t have to look any more grandiose than that.

This journey is meant to be savored, and that is why we will always remind you to be more present.
It is only in the present moment that you can feel the little changes that are occurring inside of you ... moving closer to Source, to unconditional love, to oneness, to peace, to creativity.”
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

Activating ... Surfacing as an intuitive Inner Knowing

"The human collective consciousness is growing, expanding, and evolving so much more now, people are starting to realize that they are the ones who must initiate the change.
Enough of you are changing your vibration by going within and that makes huge impacts on the collective consciousness.
What is happening outside of you needs to become irrelevant. You’re not going to let it determine how you feel and at what frequency you vibrate.
Yes, at times you cannot help but feel saddened by a situation… yet you are at the point now where you must realize that to stay in those states of being doesn’t serve you.
The movement of your own vibration to a higher frequency state is what you always have control of, and that will make the biggest impact on your world. .. with your positive and high vibration
more than anyone can with their negative vibration. Take back your higher power.

You can live in that world you want to live in, but you are not going to get to it unless you are vibrating in harmony with it, and it’s hard to vibrate in harmony with it if you keep looking at the world that’s outside.
It’s a law of the universe that you are a part of. So continue on that inward journey, because those predictions keep coming up short, as you uplift and change it through raising your vibration"
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


Interstellar you are… in Alliance with the essence of eternity

"You are there to shift before the rest of humanity, but to also be able to lower your vibration enough to still serve them is of paramount importance.
You must have access to more of your gifts and abilities and also your fifth-dimensional abilities. Yeshua walked on water; it was not to show off. It was to demonstrate what was possible.
And so, you will be the miracle-workers… used sparingly for those who are ready to awaken and who need that little nudge.

You will also be operating more as your higher selves, more with those light bodies, which will give you a different energy field..
and with the power of focus, the power of intention, the power of vibration… it’s time for you to be who you really areand to not let anything or anyone stand in the way of that."
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more

The treasure chest of truths we've hidden from ourself

PeopleYou chose to take on more challenges, baggages from your past life selves and your genetic line, because you felt at the time you were up to the challenge. At times the challenges were excruciating…
yet you kept going,.. kept coming to Earth, a place where no one is trapped.
No one is forced to incarnate anywhere because of karma. You incarnate where/when you want to incarnate, in that particular place and time, because you are sovereign beings, you are Source,
and you do get to choose whether to continue a series of lifetimes in a particular location.
And with a great degree of courage and an enormous belief in yourselves and also in your guides and other helpers.
You are our ground crew there on planet Earth, and we need you in order to deliver the help.
Your inner peace leads to getting everything that you want, walking around emanating those truths, even if you don’t speak them aloud .. all are benefitting from what you are grounding in from us.
As fifth-dimensional beings who will engage in instant manifestation yourselves… all is reflecting back to you what you are vibrating.
You can activate so much within yourself in a moment of appreciation.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council .. Read more


Moving in New Frequency & New Dimension

New Frequency
People really want things to change there on Earth, but that requires people to be more introspective than to have the knowledge of what’s going to happen next.
By letting go of the idea of something outside of themselves to change everything... by grounding, connecting with nature, hydrating etc.. you do receive help at the appropriate timing and the appropriate levels.
Many are not ready... And you as the awakened collective have to be patient with your fellow humans. You are living your fifth-dimensional lives right now…
you are manifesting, and you are connecting to higher-dimensional groups and beings.
When you are not in alignment with something off but you are still giving your attention to it, your vibration lowers… Discern what is in vibrational harmony with you.
You have all the tools inside of youto determine for yourselves whether something is appropriate or not for you to focus upon.
Move towards that which is in harmony with your vibration ... know what to look forand what to focus upon. You are choosing.. choosing consciously and with feeling.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more

Life is a Multidimensional Journey… Breath-relax-calm

Stay Tuned… Much More is Coming - You are on a planet and in a dimension where you might feel out of place. The truth is you are there to bring a higher consciousness to the collective,
and you do that best when you are being yourself. Remember that you would never be somewhere unless it served you and others for you to be there. If you just shifted right now to the fifth dimension,
you would feel that you had abandoned billions of people, and you don’t want to have that feeling. Therefore, relax into where you are right now, and be content.
You are receiving inspired ideas and impulses... You are there to create Heaven on Earth, and to anchor in those galactic energies that you are so eager to move to.
The first step is always acceptance of what is. By being grounded, you have then the opportunity to feel more ecstasy, more bliss, more joy, more love, more excitement.... Therefore, relax into your bodies, be present,
and being as heart-centered as you can be, and opportunities will follow. Stay tuned, more is coming…. from your guides, from your higher selves.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


The Lineage of DNA - Lemurian Gifts within all Heart Vibrations + Sirius Rising

A Gigantic Leap Forward for Humanity
The significance of this gigantic leap forward is when you recognize that inner peace is more available to you now.
Any moment you have greater access to the vibration of your liking… and with something involving your sun... you are the cause of this gigantic leap forward in your spiritual evolution.

Think about how many of you there are now working for the Light and working to bring about this shift in consciousness for the entire collective...
every positive thought counts, as you are Source Energy Beings, pretending to be human.
~ The 9D Arcturian Council ...... Read more


Astrology!... with this Nodal Axis Shift

"... The level of solar activity is unprecedented certainly in our lifetimes.. couldn't sleep at all or absolutely flattened by it. Our little individual energy bodies are having to assimilate so much new information that is being brought forward from the Galaxy.
Equally because we're moving through these huge waves of photonic light information and light carries intelligence. Together they are forming a weave with our DNA to reactivate our DNA.. to remember.. to stir our DNA, enabling every cell in our body to hold more light as we move towards becoming the light body crystalline plasma.
As we can embody more light. It becomes much easier for us to receive more information from the Galaxy. Tuning into higher channels, to get more information and this is going to continue in Leaps and Bounds..
… in particular those of us who wish to are going to be making those evolutionary leaps… like a tiny Acorn encoded with a 60 feet oak tree. Or like the information in a caterpillar turning into a butterfly... For us as Humanity, encoded in our DNA was that we were meant to go through this Quantum Evolutionary Leap at this time it's encoded in our DNA... this process is right now, activated by the level of Light which we're receiving, Absorb the light pouring in through your crown chakra and really try as far as you're able because there's going to be challenges. Yes there is going to be chaos! curveballs! being knocked off our perch from time to time…
but we can bring ourselves back to that equilibrium and to that Stillness because it's the energy - changing everything it's the energy. It's carrying us Beyond because the higher we get in frequency the more we go beyond all of this… beyond the wars, the death, the poverty, the misery.
And I'm not saying to ignore people in need at all - we can be there to be compassionate, kind and loving and hopefully of practical help as well but stay in a positive state…

… Everything cascades from your inner state - you can't experience peace in your reality unless you feel it in your inner being - you can't experience love in your reality unless you embody it in your inner being, your inner State. Your inner State defines everything in your reality. So make that your focus going forwards
because that's where things become simple. Out there it's really complicated, so just keep broadcasting like a lighthouse: tune out the noise and if all gets too much just remember just shut your eyes drop into your breath. Slow and deepen your breath, drop into your heart and within seconds
not only do you feel your breath slowing and deepening, you feel your heartbeat slowing. You're reducing the amount of cortisol in your blood - you're boosting your immune system the longer you do it - the more those things happen. Do that at home for free - the more you come together in a group the more
that energy is magnified, together holding hands we make this evolutionary jump. You can rapidly change your energy state just by doing that, and how easy is that? Our evolution is encoded for these times - ancient prophecies talked about it - tune out the noise, the drama, drop into the Stillness.
The more you can love the Bliss the faster it happens."
~ Pam Gregory Astrolger ...... Read more


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